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Chester Stone Wikipedia Are On Top Searches After His Controversial Instagram Post

Chester Stone, who has been entertaining people with his comedy humor, has made his viewers saddened. On April 1st, his Instagram handle shared a photo that says he has sadly passed away.

Chester, who was once a homeless guy, had won people’s hearts through the content he had on his Instagram handle.

Focus Key Takeaways

  • Chester Stone was a homeless man who started his random video near a local gas station. The video quickly gained people’s attention.
  • Chester has released his single album Bad Boy Fi Dem.
  • Chester’s first Instagram handle was banned permanently due to violation, which had over 159k followers.

As his passing away news was shared on April 1st, most people are calling it fake news.

The discussion started to go around the internet after the post was made where the comment was disabled.

This made fans speculate that he might have made a fool out of everyone on the occasion of April Fool.

Chester Stone Wikipedia Trends Online After His Recent Instagram Post

Chester Stone was born with the full name of Chester Alexander Stone on May 31, 1963, which makes him 60 years old as of 2024. He was born in Poughkeepsie, New York.

Chester Stone was once a homeless guy and used to line in Tampa near the local gas station.

As he didn’t have a focused content niche, he used to post random posts that he made based on his mood.

The content, which had no story base, was loved by the viewers so much. Posting random talks and posting random things on the street started to engage the viewer’s eye.

Within no time, Chester Stone started to be known by his social media name of Chesterstone746. His previous Instagram account was permanently banned due to some violations.


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A post shared by Chester Stone (@chesterstone745)

His previous Instagram handle was under the username Chester Stone, where is bio used to say, “Im Not Religious, Im Conscious!”. He had over 159k followers with over  826 posts.

Now, he is available under the username chersterstone745, with over 75.8k followers and over 81 posts. 

Besides the random and funny content he posts on his social media handle, he is also a musical artist.

He released his single, “Bad Boy Fi Dem,” on June 17, 2009, under Vaultclassic Records. It featured another artist, Rahim Samad. There, he revealed his stage name, Super D.

Chester Stone’s Parents Separated When He Was Nine Years

Chester was born to Jamaican and African-American parents. His father was originally from Jamaica and immigrated to the U.S.; his mother was born and raised in North Carolina.

Chester was just nine years old when his parents separated from each other. And his father took him to Jamaica, where he got a chance to touch with his roots members before he again returned to America.


His Jamaican roots and tone can be seen in his reggae and hip-hop music.

Chester had called himself a Nomad and said he would lay his head wherever he could.


Has Chester Stone passed away?

No reliable source has given the official news of Chester Stone passing away.

Was this the first time his news of demise surfaced online?

No, Back in 2021, most of the social media handles were making grand rounds about his demise. But he made his comeback video of him wearing a black faux jacket, polarized glass, and a New York cap, which attracted people’s attention. 

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