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Who Is Eva Evans Boyfriend? Dating Life Explored

Who was Eva Evans boyfriend? Many people are interested in learning about the lady’s love life.

The TikToker Eva Evans passed away at 29 in April 2024. She was famous on TikTok and had over 300,000 fans.

Evans often shared videos of her life in New York City and advised her followers on dos and don’ts in the city. She also provided tips on maximizing experience in NYC.

Key Takeaways:

  • Eva Evans remained tight-lipped about her love interest before her demise.
  • Eva Evans disclosed being scammed by a guy with a fake identity for four and a half months.
  • The late filmmaker and several other people were fooled by a guy named Kyle Deschanel.

However, Eva rose to fame with her self-directed project, Club Rat. The five-episode series on Prime Video explored the life of a self-absorbed NYC influencer struggling with fame.

The series also explored the dating scene in New York City. The protagonist attempts to hop again into the dating pool after the video of her humiliating breakup goes viral online.

Eva Evans Boyfriend Before Her Demise Is Unknown

Fans always look forward to learning everything about their favorite celebrities. Most are primarily concerned with their love lives.

Likewise, Evans’s thousands of followers on social media are keen to get every scoop about her dating life.

Especially after the recent turn of events, the topic of Eva Evans’ boyfriend has gained massive interest.

Unfortunately, the late influencer was a private person who didn’t reveal her partner before her demise. She never posted a picture with a guy who could be her potential romantic interest.

Evans was in her prime and gained success as a writer and director of Club Rat. So, it’s likely that she was single and not in a relationship.

Eva Evans Revealed About Lying Ex-Boyfriend On Social Media

While the late TikToker didn’t disclose anything about her current partner, she exposed her cheating ex-boyfriend in a TikTok post before.

Eva shared how she found out her then-boyfriend was a married man with a son. Not only that, but she realized she had been dating a guy with a fake name for several months.

I dated a man with a fake identity for about four and a half months.

Over the course of the time that we were dating, I knew there was something up. But me and my friends thought he was a spy.

The influencer mentioned her impostor boyfriend as, Kyle in a comment. Later, more TikTok users came forward with their stories of dating the same guy.

Apparently, Kyle Deschanel, a furniture designer, scammed many women in New York for money. He portrayed himself as a wealthy man with many A-list friends.

Deschanel fooled men and women with his fake identity. After scamming them of their money, he ghosted and disappeared from their lives.


Who Was Eva Evans’ Father?

Eva Evans’ dad, Matthew Baumgardner, was a contemporary artist whose works are displayed worldwide. He passed away in 2018 at the age of 63.

What Does Eva Evans’ Mother Do?

Eva Evans’ mother, Heather Evans, is a former marketing executive who graduated from Harvard. She is also a master gardener and is involved with Dear Avant Gardener.

Did Eva Evans Have Any Siblings?

The late TikToker grew up with three siblings: Lila Joy Baumgardner, Zoe Klee Reinsch, and Sofi Clare Baumgardner.

Has Eva Evans’ Cause Of Death Been Revealed?

The social media starlet’s cause of death has not been revealed yet.

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