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Who Was Chris King? Rapper Wikipedia Age And Height

Chris King, a rapper from Fontana, California, gained fame collaborating with artists like Trippie Redd.

He was associated with groups like Snotty Nose Mafia and 1400 alongside Trippie Redd.

Key Takeaways

  • California rapper Chris King, known for his collaborations with Trippie Redd, tragically passed away, as confirmed by Trippie Redd and others on social media.
  • Chris King, also known as Christopher Stacy Cheeks Jr., began his music career with the group 2Much under Chris Stokes’ label.
  • Trippie Redd, along with other friends like Justin Bieber, mourned Chris King’s death on Instagram, expressing deep sorrow and disbelief.

California rapper Chris King has died, and his good friend and longtime collaborator Trippie Redd is mourning his loss. 

Redd confirmed his death on social media. Tragically, multiple online sources mentioned that Chris King was shot and passed away in Nashville.

Justin Bieber, also a longtime friend of Chris King, mourned his passing on Instagram.

Taking to Instagram on Saturday (April 20), Trippie Redd confirmed the news to his followers.

“I am so hurt rn I can’t even think I love you bro come back!!!!!” he wrote. “@whoischrisking [heartbreak emoji] I can’t catch a break.”

Chris King’s untimely demise has deeply saddened the hip-hop community. Let’s explore who was Chris King, and other details regarding his personal life.

Who Was Chris King? Rapper Wikipedia, Age And Height

Chris King was a rapper from Fontana, California, who gained recognition for his collaborations with fellow artist Trippie Redd.

Chris’ exact height is not mentioned online, but based on his appearance, his height might be 6’2” to 6’5”.

King, whose real name was Christopher Stacy Cheeks Jr., began his music journey as part of 2Much and was signed to Chris Stokes’ label, The Ultimate Group (TUG).

In a 2019 interview with Complex, Chris King mentioned being attracted to Trippie Redd’s music style, which drew him to collaborate.

He was a member of the rap collectives Snotty Nose Mafia and 1400, alongside Trippie Redd.

Because of his fame, Chris’ biography was featured on Wikipedia, and he also had a significant social media following, with 184K followers on Instagram


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The rapper Chris King was born on December 11, 1991, in Fontana, California, U.S. At the time of passing, he was just 32.

Chris was part of groups like Snotty Nose Mafia and 1400 with Trippie Redd.

He also had a side gig as an alt-country and honky-tonk musician, releasing two EPs called Bexar County and This New Almanac.

Some of his songs include “Can You Rap Like Me, Pt. 2” with Trippie Redd. Many people in the music world paid tribute to him on social media after his demise.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which musical groups was Chris King a part of?

According to Last.fm, Chris King, a rapper from Fontana, California, was associated with Snotty Nose Mafia and 1400, alongside Trippie Redd and others.

2. What happened to the Rapper Chris King?

Tragically, Chris King was reportedly shot, and he passed away, according to posts from his friend Trippie Redd and others on social media in April 2023.

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