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Is Chester Stone Alive, What Happened To The Instagram Personality?

Is Chester Stone alive? This has become a significant concern among his fans after his recent Instagram post revealed that he is no more with us. However, many believe that it is just an April Fool’s joke.

Chester Stone is an Instagram personality known for recording and sharing as he wishes, showcasing his authenticity.

Fans have resonated with his authentic self, successfully promoting Chester to accumulate an immense fanbase across various social media platforms.

Key Takeaways

  • As of now, reliable sources have yet to confirm whether Instagram personality Chester Stone is alive or has passed away.
  • The news stemmed from his recent Instagram post with the caption that reads, ‘Rest In Peace.’
  • Previously, in 2021, a similar incident of Chester’s demise prevailed online. However, it was a false rumor.

Besides his prominence as an Instagram personality, Chester is also involved in the music scene. He goes by the stage name “Super D.”

On June 17, 2009, he released a single titled “Bad Boy Fi Dem” featuring Rahim Samad under Vaultclassic Records.

Is Chester Stone Alive?

Unfortunately, confirmed details surrounding whether Chester Stone is alive haven’t surfaced online.

The rumors came to light after his recent Instagram post just a few hours ago caption reads,” Rest in Peace father stone.”

Meanwhile, the post’s comment section has been turned off, and over 15K likes have been accumulated.

The carousel post has two photos; the first slide is of Chester raising his hands in the air with a big red text that reads, ‘Long Live Chester Stone.”


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A post shared by Chester Stone (@chesterstone745)

The second slide depicts the obituary showcasing how he passed away on March 31st, 2024.

The obituary can’t be found on the web as of now. Hence, everyone assumes it is a publicity stunt on April Fools Day.

However, it has yet to be ascertained if the news of his demise is true.

Likewise, since the captions are disabled and no reliable trusted sources have substantiated the news, there’s uncertainty concerning his existence.

Not to forget, this isn’t the first time baseless rumors of his demise made waves online.

Previously, in 2021, several social posts, including YouTube videos, Instagram posts, and more, surrounding similar incidents made grand rounds.

However, the internet personality posted his content, proving the rumors to be a hoax with a comeback video.

A comeback video of him wearing a black faux jacket, New York cap, and polarized glasses had amassed significant attention.


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A post shared by Chester Stone (@chesterstone745)

Netizens flooded the post, expressing their gratitude, relieved that he was still alive. A comment on the video reads,’

Chesterstone please come back now we all miss you and will always support you much love to you Chesterstone

What Happened To The Instagram Personality Chestserstone 745?

The Instagram personality Chester Alexander Stone aka Chesterstone745 is making grand waves online after his recent post stating that he is no longer alive.

Several Reddit threads have discussed whether the post is legit or an April Fool’s joke.


Everyone thinks and, if not, hopes it is just a joke and not a bitter truth. A user wrote, ‘

I feel like this is definitely an April fools joke

This speaks volumes of his fan’s immense love and support towards his content that brought smiles to their faces.

Likewise, it also highlights the immense social impact and engagement he accumulates through his humorous content.

That said, reliable sources haven’t addressed the prevailing baseless news of his demise.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of content does Chester Stone post?

The Instagram personality Chester Stone, or Chesterstone745, doesn’t have a dedicated content niche. He is known for sharing random videos of whatever his mood and subject fits in. However, the audience has found his content immensely engaging.

How many followers does Chester Stone have on his Instagram?

Chester Stone has amassed over 75K followers on his Instagram with 81 posts. In his Instagram bio, he addresses himself as someone who isn’t religious. Chester has six highlights, including Beginning, Movie, and more, on his profile.

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