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What Happened To Ryan Gosling In The Fall Guy? Colt Seavers Role Explained

The movie “The Fall Guy,” with action-packed scenes and hilarious comedic stints, is set to hit the theatre on May 3. 

Ryan Gosling plays Colt Seavers, a witty and carefree stuntman on the hunt for a missing movie star, Tom Ryder.

Key Takeaways

  • As a stuntman, Colt tricks the goons, dodges bullets, jumps high off the building, and hangs on the crane to succeed in his mission.
  • Ryan Gosling plays a chiseled Colt, who is flirty and carefree but harbors a major crush on the camera operator turned director Jody (played by Emily Blunt).
  • Colt and Jody settle on a beach date alongside spicy margaritas while fighting off shady people linked with the missing Tom Ryder. 

Colt Seavers has the biggest merits, and no one will ever acknowledge the stuntman’s absence from the movie set.

So he is urged to conduct day-to-day operations to find Tom Ryder and save his love interest, Emily Blunt, aka Jody’s directorial debut, Metalstorm.

How far did Colt Seavers go to win back Jody’s heart, whom he had once thrashed as a fling?

On A Mission To Find An Action Star, Colt Seavers Gets Involved With Shady People

Colt Seavers faces a career-ending accident on the movie set. Never mind, he isn’t apprehensive about it. He is as quick-witted and flirty as he used to be. 

The only way to secure his job is to fetch Tom Ryder, the notorious action star, whom he finds on the death bed of ice


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Then, in the next scene, he is in the funky neon-colored jacket to fight off goons having blizzard teeth.

Colt tries hard to hide for his safety, but somehow, goons find him and attempt to shoot him.

Luckily, being a stuntman, Colt knows how to dodge a shot, be wary of the accidents, and hop off the large scale of height to avoid the hurdles.

Colt Seavers Tries To Win His Love Back With Camera Operator Jody Moreno

Ryan Gosling wears a suit of playboy Colt Seavers but has a hard-on crush for camera operator Jody Moreno.

Colt didn’t encounter Jody on the movie sets for the first time. The duo had met before, and Jody blames Colt for ghosting her without calls or texts for 18 months. 


So, she didn’t yearn to see him again, but working in the entertainment industry and being in a fateful profession, the duo clicked.

Also, they join hands to untangle the conspiracy against the missing case of an action hero, Tom Ryder.

Nonetheless, Colt and Jody never miss a chance to set up a romantic date on the beach with spicy margaritas while he’s hanging on a crane.

It’s clear as the day that Jody would be head over heels with Colt as she is spotted drooling and chuckling over his rippled muscles.


Who is the director of ‘The Fall Guy’?

The director of the film, ‘The Fall Guy,’ is David Leitch, also a stuntman. He is praised for a speedboat chase through Sydney Harbour shot in the movie.

Who stars alongside Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt in ‘The Fall Guy’?

The movie’s cast includes Hannah Waddington, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Winston Duke, Stephanie Hsu, and others.

What led David Leitch to film ‘The Fall Guy’?

The movie takes inspiration from the 1980s TV show of the same name, starring Lee Majors as a stuntman turned bounty hunter. The move also reflects upon the director, David Leitch’s, experience as a stuntman before his career breakthrough.

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