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Trevor Griffiths Wife Janice, Married Life And Children Revealed

Trevor Griffiths’ wife, Janice Griffiths, inspired his most successful play, Through the Night. The protagonist’s story was based on Jan’s real-life story.

Sad news! British playwright Trevor Griffiths passed away at 88. He was a beloved dramatist who penned many works throughout his life.

Griffiths was most known as a political dramatist. His successful plays were The Party, Comedians Reds, and Ten Days That Shook The World. The latter was even adapted into a Hollywood movie, which also won an Oscar.

Key Takeaways:

  • Trevor Griffiths’ wife, Janice Griffiths’ cancer diagnosis inspired him to write Through the Night.
  • Trevor Griffiths was married twice. After his separation from Jan, he started a new life with his second wife, Gill.
  • The dramatist was the father of three children. They have all stayed away from the media.

The English man’s works had a theme of a conflict between revolutionary idealism and reformist pragmatism.

Trevor’s plays were shown in grand theaters, including the National Theatre Company. He also wrote television plays such as Country, Fatherland, and Piano.

Trevor Griffiths’ Wife, Janice Griffiths Was A Cancer Survivor

Following Trevor’s tragic demise, many have shown interest in learning about his life, including his family.

Well, the late dramatist married his spouse, Janice Griffiths, in 1960. At that time, Trevor was a Stockport Technical College’s liberal-studies lecturer.

Everything was going swell when suddenly Jan found a lump in her breast in 1972. She was only 27 and immediately consulted her GP about it.

Later, it was found that Trevor Griffiths’ wife had a fast-growing breast cancer. Thankfully, a mastectomy was performed, and she recovered.

While accompanying his spouse at the hospital, the British playwright devised a plot and wrote his infamous play, Through the Night.

I sat around and just did what I do which is watch, and … everybody who writes creatively like this has two collateral stances, one is deep emotion and involvement and the other one is standing outside and watching.

The play’s character, Christine Potts, undergoes a mastectomy like Jan and struggles with the aftermath and deficiencies of her post-operative care.

Trevor and Jan later separated, and Janice passed away in a plane crash in May 1977.

The former couple adopted three kids: Sian Griffiths, Emma Griffiths, and Joss Griffiths. Trevor Griffiths’ children are in their 50s.

Trevor Griffiths Married Again: Meet Second Wife Gill

After separating from his first wife, Janice, Trevor found love again with his second spouse, Gill.

The pair met through work. Trevor Griffiths’ second wife, Gill, was a former school teacher and his literary assistant.

The couple began their relationship in the 1970s before tying the knot in 1992. While it is unknown if they had any children, the duo had a cat, Cissie, in 2009.

Moreover, it appears Gill is a private person who keeps a low-key profile away from the limelight.

In such a moment of grief, the Griffiths family must be mourning the loss of their patriarch. The British playwright industry has lost a rare gem, and Trevor will always be missed.


When Was Trevor Griffiths Born?

Trevor Griffiths was born on April 4, 1935, in Ancoats, Manchester.

Where Did Trevor Griffiths Go To College?

Trevor Griffiths majored in English at the Manchester University. Before that, he attended St. Bede’s College.

What Is Trevor Griffiths’ The Party All About?

Trevor Griffiths’ The Party was a play about argument and debate. It was also actor Laurence Olivier’s last stage role.

What Is The Theme Of Trevor Griffiths’ Comedians?

The dramatist explored the conflict between reform and revolution through his play Comedians.

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