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What Happened To Joe Lyons Capital FM? Roman Kemp Discusses Tragedy

Joe Lyons, the producer at Capital Breakfast, passed away in 2020. Roman Kemp unveiled the devastating reason behind his departure from Capital to be Joe’s demise.

Joe Lyons was a talented producer who worked on Capital Breakfast with TV personality and host Roman Kemp. They shared a strong friendship before Joe’s untimely demise.

Key Takeaways

  • Joe Lyon, the producer at Capital Breakfast, took his own life on August 4, 2020.
  • Roman Kemp recently opened up about the reason behind their departure from Capital FM.
  • Roman’s decision to depart from the show was motivated by his desire to prioritize his personal growth.

What Happened To Joe Lyons Capital FM?

Joe Lyons, the best friend of Roman Kemp, passed away on August 4, 2020, at 31.

The tragic news immensely impacted Roman, prompting him to take a sudden break from the show for several days.

Joe, the senior producer at Capital Breakfast from April 2017 until his last day in August 2020, took his own life.


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Promptly after his demise, fans and loved ones flooded the web with tribute post expressing their deepest condolence.

Roman, too, paid a heartfelt tribute to his late friend Joe on Capital FM after returning from a short break following his demise.

Little did anyone know that the tragic incident affected Roman so much that he felt stuck and overwhelmed as he worked in the Capital FM even after his demise.

Roman Kemp Opened Up About The Reason Behind His Departure From Capital FM

Roman Kemp broke his silence behind his departure from the hit breakfast radio show on Capital FM.

The radio host expressed that his four-year tenure hosting the show felt like constantly reliving the devastating day.

The tragic day when Roman learned of his friend and producer Joe Lyons’ demise in August 2020.

He became vocal about his bitter experience, like getting stuck in a pattern reminding him of the painful memory.

Roman recently appeared on his final show on the station. In the episode, the host discussed being ready to move on from this chapter of his life.


Likewise, the TV personality stated that the constant reminder of his friend Joe in the studio overwhelmed him with emotions.

If not, his reminders made it difficult for the host to enjoy his life fully.

Roman’s decision to depart from the show was motivated by his desire to bring closure to this bitter period.

Regardless of the challenges, Roman attracted a significant audience to Capital. Thanks to his extensive experience and skills.

He even admitted that hosting the daily show consumed much of his energy, if not became a hindrance to prioritizing his well-being.

Now, Roman wants to prioritize his personal growth and enjoyment, moving forward from the painful memories associated with his best friend’s passing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Roman Kemp going after leaving Capital FM?

As of now, details surrounding where Roman Kemp will depart from Capital FM. That said, reports state that Roman will be around, appearing in several shows, including participating in a celebrity football match, Soccer Aid, this June.

What did Roman Kemp’s friend Joe Lyons do for a living?

Joe Lyons was a producer. He was the senior producer at Capital Breakfast and has worked at Global, Capital’s parent company, since June 2011, initially as a freelance producer. Likewise, he worked on Classic FM before shifting to Capital in 2012. Roman worked at the Daily Mirror in the early days of his career.

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