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Loredana Nesci Wikipedia Bio: Who Was She And What Happened To Her?

Loredana Nesci, a Los Angeles police officer-turned-reality-TV attorney, was brutally murdered by her then-boyfriend, Robert Reagan.

The chilling incident unfolded on 22 July 2015 in Lorendana’s Redondo Beach, California house.

An episode titled, “Legal Diva” of the ID series Death by Fame, which was aired on 29 January 2024, chronicled the chilling details of the reality TV star’s murder.

Following this, curiosity surrounding the Starling case has increased significantly. Let’s unpack all the known details of Loredana Nesci’s murder, while also exploring her legacy and career.

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Loredana Nesci Wikipedia: Who Was She?

Loredana Nesci was a versatile individual known for her diverse background.

Nesci had a diverse background that included serving as an officer in the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), being a bodybuilder, and starring in a reality TV show.

Loredana Nesci Wikipedia
Loredana Nesci Wikipedia has been trending, after an episode titled, “Legal Diva” of the ID’s series Death by Fame revisited the chilling details of the case. (Image Source: People)

After her stint with the LAPD, Nesci transitioned into law and became a lawyer.

The former Los Angeles police officer’s personal life and legal career were the main themes of her reality series, “Loredana, Esq.”

The late attorney’s career with the LAPD was notable and she even left a significant impact in the wrestling world as a WWE Diva.

Lorendana’s fame skyrocketed when she starred in her SundanceTV series, “Loredana, Esq.”

The show, which aired six episodes in 2014, gave her the nickname “Legal Diva.”

Through this series, viewers got a glimpse of her life and career, further cementing her status as a multifaceted individual.

What Happened To Lorendana Nesci?

On 22 July 2015, a tragic incident occurred in Redondo Beach, California. Loredana Nesci, a well-known figure, was found dead in her home.

The police made this grim discovery during a welfare check, prompted by a distressing 911 call made by Nesci’s boyfriend, Robert Reagan.

Just two days after the incident, Lorendana’s boyfriend was charged with murder. At that time, the couple, who had a son together, were reportedly on the brink of separation.

Reagan’s defense was that he was trying to protect himself during a physical altercation.

Loredana Nesci Wikipedia
Loredana Nesci then-boyfriend, Robert Reagan, brutally stabbed her to death. (Image Source: Yahoo)

He claimed that Nesci had attacked him with a hunting knife and that he was trying to disarm her when she was accidentally stabbed.

At the time of her tragic demise, the SundanceTV star was only 46 years old.

However, in 2017, a jury found Reagan guilty of the charges. Consequently, he was sentenced to a prison term of 16 years to life.

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Where Is Loredana Nesci Killer And Former Boyfriend?

Robert Reagan, the ex-boyfriend of Loredana Nesci, is currently incarcerated in the Correctional Training Facility, as per the California Department of Corrections.

After three days of careful consideration, a jury found him guilty of second-degree murder in August 2017.

This verdict was related to the stabbing death of Nesci in 2015. Subsequently, in the next month, he was handed down a prison sentence of 16 years to life.

The harrowing details of this case were brought to public attention through an episode of the series “Death by Fame” on ID.

The episode, titled “Legal Diva,” aired on 29 January 2024, and it recounted the horrifying circumstances surrounding the murder of the reality TV star, Loredana Nesci.

To conclude, the life of Loredana Nesci, a former LAPD officer turned reality TV attorney, was cut short by the hands of her own boyfriend, Redondo Beach.

Although Reagan’s eventual conviction brought closure to this case, it left a void in the lives of those who knew her and the loss was immeasurable.

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