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Where Is John Thomas Sweeney Now? Wikipedia Bio And Age

The recent show “Killing a Movie Star: Grave Injustice” revisits the shocking murder of actress Dominique Dunne by John Sweeney.

In addition, the documentary brings to light new evidence and provides a fresh perspective on the trial and what followed.

John Sweeney was found guilty of killing Dominique Dunne. The incident happened on 30 October 1982, during a heated argument at her home in West Hollywood.

Sweeney strangled Dunne, leading to her falling into a coma. She sadly passed away five days later, on 4 November 1982.

Sweeney was convicted of voluntary manslaughter for Dunne’s death. He served three and a half years in prison and was released in 1986.

But the question that lingers is – where is John Thomas Sweeney now? Let’s delve into this mystery.”

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Where Is John Thomas Sweeney Now?

John Thomas Sweeney, the man convicted for the murder of actress Dominique Dunne, found himself behind bars in a medium-security prison in Susanville, California.

John Thomas Sweeney Now
John Sweeney, who brutally murdered Dominique Dunne, served only three and a half years in prison and was released in 1986. (Image Source: All That’s Interesting)

John was granted parole in September 1986, after serving a little over three and a half years of his six-and-a-half-year sentence.

Upon his release, Sweeney managed to secure a job as the head chef at a high-end restaurant located in Santa Monica, California.

However, his past caught up with him when Dominique Dunne’s family staged protests at the restaurant.

This led to Sweeney resigning from his job and leaving Los Angeles. Moreover, in the mid-1990s, a significant event occurred.

Dominick Dunne, Dominique’s father, was informed by a doctor that her daughter was engaged to a man who bore the same name as Dominique’s killer, John Sweeney.

After confirming that it was indeed the same man, Dominique’s brother, Griffin Dunne reached out to the woman and urged her to reconsider her decision.

Feeling harassed by the constant scrutiny, Sweeney decided to change his name.

Dominick Dunne, still seeking justice for his daughter, hired a private investigator named Anthony Pellicano to keep tabs on Sweeney.

Pellicano discovered that Sweeney had relocated to the Pacific Northwest and was working as a chef under the alias John Maura. As for his current whereabouts, there is little information.

John Sweeney was 27 years old at the time of the crime in 1982. Thus, he would be approximately 69 years old as of 2024.

New Evidence Uncovered For The Case

TMZ has recently unveiled a new investigative series titled “Killing a Movie Star: Grave Injustice.”

John Thomas Sweeney Now
Actress Dominique Dunne was brutally murdered by her abusive boyfriend, John Sweeney, in 1982. (Image Source: TMZ)

This series revisits the tragic murder of actress Dominique Dunne by her former boyfriend, John Sweeney.

The show uncovers startling new evidence and provides a renewed perspective on the trial and its aftermath.

The documentary reveals that Griffin Dunne, Dominique’s brother, harbored ongoing doubts that Sweeney had been involved in more instances of domestic violence post-trial.

A specific case from 2000 is spotlighted, where a woman sought a restraining order against Sweeney, citing severe brutality. Despite police involvement, Sweeney was not charged.

The series includes interviews with Charles Wessler, an Oscar-winning producer and a close friend of the Dunne family.

Wessler asserts that Sweeney still harbors the same explosive anger to this day.

This sentiment is echoed by Gloria, a friend of Dominique, who compares Sweeney to a caged beast and asserts that he was never truly rehabilitated.

“Killing a Movie Star: Grave Injustice” aims to illuminate the heartbreaking murder of Dominique Dunne and the events that followed, offering a more profound understanding of the case.

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