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Is Kate Baker Pregnant In 2024? Partner And Love Life

Back in 2023, Kate, on a podcast, was playing The Wishper Challenge, where she said that she was pregnant. But later, she said it was just a word she was saying to her husband as a part of the game.

Now, people are interested in knowing if Kate and her husband, Cash Baker, are expecting any children in 2024.

Key Takeaways

  • In 2023, Kate on LOL Podcast said she was pregnant, which was just part of the whisper challenge game.
  • Kate had just celebrated her 18th birthday two days before she married Cash Baker.
  • Cash made a surprise proposal to Kate when they went outside for a dinner date.

Nearly into their two years of happy marriage, people want to know when they will welcome their first child.

Kate is also a popular internet sensation, like her husband. He is best known on social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram.

She also leads a LOL Podcast as its co-host alongside Harper Zilmer, Maverick Baker, and Cash Baker.

On TikTok, she posts lip-sync, dance, and comedy content, earning her over 2.3 million followers.

Katie Baker Pregnant Might Be Another Internet Hoax

Katie Baker on the LOL Podcast said a statement that earned it millions of views within some hours. While playing The Whisper Challenge with his husband and friends, she said, “I’m Pregnant.”

Katie’s husband, Cash, was shocked after hearing the line from her, but she said it was just a joke.


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A post shared by Kate Marie Baker (@katemaries_)

She just said the word for her husband as a part of the game, not the news, which was about making him happy about being a father.

The TikTok video about her husband predicting her word amassed several million views, too.

As of 2024, Katie hasn’t said a single word or hinted at her pregnancy. It seems that the 19-year-old influencer is not ready to be a mother or has not decided to become one.

Kate Baker Husband Cash Baker Made a Surprise Proposal

Kate Baker is happily married to her long-time boyfriend, Cash Baker. The love birds met each other way back then when Kate was 10, and Cash was 11 years old.

After knowing each other for some years, they started dating in 2020.

Just one year into their relationship, in December 2021, Cash surprised Kate by proposing and asking if she would be his wife.


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A post shared by Kate Marie Baker (@katemaries_)

Kate was happily shocked to see Cash get on his knees and propose to her in a romantic place, which he had prepared for.

Surrounding her with several candles and with many roses on her way, he went down on his knees and said, “Will You Be My Forever.”

Not surprisingly, Kate accepted his proposal and said “Yes” in a very emotional voice. Then, on June 25, 2022, the duo tied the knot together in a beautiful wedding night.

Likewise, on the occasion of their one year of marriage life, Kate took her Instagram handle and shared a picture which was captioned,

Being married to you is favourite thing, happy one year my love. #June25


What is Kate Baker’s full name?

Kate Marie goes by her full name of Kate Marie Baker.

What are Kate Baker’s social media usernames?

Kate is active on Instagram under the username katemaries_ where she has over 278k followers. Likewise, she is also mostly active on TikTok under the username of katemaries where she has over 2.4 million followers and 136.8 million likes.

What is Kate Baker’s Religion?

Kate Baker follows the religion of Christianity.

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