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What Happened To Rohini Elyse Baby, Did She Suffer From Miscarriage?

Rohini Elyse is an Instagram influencer based in Middle Tennessee. Recently, the sudden demise of her baby devastated Rohini and her fans worldwide.

Additionally, she identifies as a writer and a reiki practitioner. Her content concerns homesteading, homemaking, and her journey as a new mother.

Key Takeaways

  • Tragically, Rohini experienced the sudden loss of her 3.5-month-old baby, Honey.
  • As people on Reddit have discussed the incident, it was mentioned that Rohini’s daughter might have passed away because of SIDS.
  • Rohini shared the heartbreaking news on her Instagram account, describing how her daughter was smiling and laughing in her arms before suddenly passing away hours later.

Elyse frequently shares aspects of her life on social media platforms, including motherhood. She has collaborated on various projects and can be contacted via email for collaborations.

Additionally, she shares content related to her life and interests on social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube.

Unfortunately, there was a tragic incident where her baby, Honey, passed away unexpectedly, as discussed on Reddit.

What Happened To Rohini Elyse Baby?

Rohini Elyse, a homesteader and mother based in Middle Tennessee, tragically lost her baby named Alinah Mauk at 3.5 months old.

The heartbreaking news was shared online, prompting an outpouring of sympathy and support from her followers.

Rohini shared this news through her Instagram account, where she mentioned,

Today, we buried our baby girl on our land. There is so much to say and yet so little words to describe what we’ve experienced since she suddenly left this world on Saturday. She was smiling and laughing in my arms and hours later was on the hospital bed, gone.

Rohini did not provide details about the cause of her daughter’s death.

However, she did mention that her daughter was smiling and laughing in her arms, but hours later, she was on the hospital bed and had passed away.


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As people on Reddit have discussed the incident, it was mentioned that she might have passed away because of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), also known as cot death, refers to the sudden and unexplained death of a seemingly healthy baby under one-year-old.

Did Rohini Elyse Suffer From Miscarriage?

No, Rohini Elyse didn’t suffer from miscarriage; Rohini Elyse suffered the devastating loss of her infant, Alinah, as shared on her Instagram account.

This heartbreaking news was shared among her community, where she had previously joyfully announced her pregnancy and shared moments of her life with her fans.

Her journey included sharing moments like announcing her pregnancy and celebrating milestones.


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While details about the circumstances surrounding the loss are not provided, people have started to assume various things, such as SIDs and or the possibility of a Bedsharing accident on Reddit.

pineappleshampoo mentioned,

Of course nobody knows how this poor person’s little one died, right now, not saying it was a bedsharing accident or SIDS. Which are different things but sadly somedimes SIDS is given as a ‘verdict of compassion’ which further muddies the waters.

We will need to await further information from Rohini to learn the precise reason behind her daughter’s unexpected passing.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What concerns have arisen regarding Rohini Elyse’s involvement in the Fit for Service group?

Some observers have expressed concerns about Rohini Elyse’s association with the Fit for Service group. They have raised comparisons between her actions and those associated with cult-like behavior, such as avoiding medical procedures like ultrasounds and opting for home births. Additionally, selling belongings, as reported by Niomi Smart, is seen as aligning with behaviors indicative of cult involvement.

2. How has Rohini Elyse’s mother influenced her spiritual journey?

Rohini Elyse is known for her spiritual journey and interest in astrology, and she often mentions her mother’s influence in astrology. Recently, she posted about her mother’s passing, evoking sympathy from followers. Rohini grew up with her mother offering reiki healing, shaping her spiritual path. Her Instagram also reveals moments related to her mother, such as sharing Alinah’s birth story, a significant experience for any mother.

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