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Who Is William Delahunt Wife Kati Hermani? Meet His Fiancee Julie Pagano

William Delahunt wife Kati Hermani worked as an executive assistant during his 2009 campaign. His fiancee, Julie Pagano, has had a progressive career for over 40 years.

The American congressman, William Delahunt, passed away on March 30, 2024, at 82, from a long-term illness.

William is survived by his ex-wife Kati Hermani, two daughters, and his grandchildren, Maya and Alex Bobrov.

Key Takeaways

  • William Delahunt’s wife, Kati Hermani, shared two daughters with him, one of whom was adopted from Vietnam.
  • Kati and William’s marital life didn’t last long, and the couple divorced in 1986.
  • Delahunt’s fiancee, Julie Pagano, has an extensive career of over four decades.

Who Is William Delahunt Wife Kati Hermani?

William Delahunt’s wife, Kati Hermani, is an executive assistant. Little to no information about her whereabouts is currently available online.

Details surrounding their wedding date and venue remain unknown. Their marriage didn’t last, and the former couple finalized their divorce in 1986.

The prime reason behind their marital relationship turning sour also remains unknown to this day.


Previously, Katharina, aka Kati, was paid $48,000 for hiring her as an executive assistant and receptionist during his 2009 campaign.

Kati has successfully concealed details surrounding her personal and professional life from media scrutiny.

The former couple shared two daughters, Kristin, and Kara Mai, who was adopted from Vietnam in 1975.

William Delahunt Fiancee Julie Pagano Has A Progressive Career Of Over Four Decades

William Delahunt’s fiancee, Julie Pagano, flaunts a successful career span of over four decades.

She was involved in Bay State Cruise Company for an extensive period, i.e., over 25 years.

Julie has had a diverse and expansive career in the maritime and hospitality industries, spanning over 40 years.

She initiated her career in 1982 as a Shareholder and President of Boston Harbor Cruises.

At Boston Harbor Cruises, Julie oversaw various aspects of daily operations, including charter and group sales, catering, concessions, and personal management.


Following this, she served as the Manager at Seastreak MV from 2004 to 2012.

There she played a crucial role, including initiating and re-establishing ferry routes, overseeing sales and marketing operations, and managing individual, group, and charter sales.

In 2016, Julie took on the role of Past President & Board Member at Skal International Boston, where she contributed to community development.

Likewise, she also functioned as a Board Advisor at the Greater Boston Concierge Association and as a Board Member at Discover Quincy.

From 2017 to 2023, Julie was the general manager at Bay State Cruise Company for six years, managing daily operations, advertising, marketing, routes, and more.

Throughout her career, Julie showcased strong skills in community development, communication, crisis management, and special events coordination.

So far, the exclusive details of their engagement remain away from the limelight. 

Julie Pagano is available on Facebook but isn’t religiously active on the social platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many children did William Delahunt have?

William Delahunt shared two daughters, Kristin and Kara Mai, with his ex-wife Kati Hermani. Kara Mai is married to Nickolai Bobrov, with whom she shares two children. Both Kara and Nickolai amassed significant sums from his campaign in 2009. Nickolai, a former captain of Middlebury College, alone racked up $47,732 as the campaign manager. 

What was William Delahunt’s educational background?

The late American lawyer, William Delahunt, is a graduate of Boston College Law School.

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