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Cole Brings Plenty Wife: Is He Married? Wikipedia And Age

Cole Brings Plenty, a model/actor represented by Phirgun Mair Worldwide, has become the subject of a domestic violence case.

People are searching for Cole Brings Plenty wife due to concerns about his well-being and involvement in a violent case.

Key Takeaways

  • While there is speculation about Cole’s wife or girlfriend being involved in the alleged incident, her identity has not been disclosed.
  • Cole Brings Plenty, a model/actor associated with Phirgun Mair Worldwide, has become the subject of a domestic violence case, prompting concerns about his well-being and involvement in the alleged incident.
  • Despite his association with the television series “Yellowstone” and its prequel “1923,” Cole is currently sought by Kansas police. He has been reported missing since March 31, adding urgency to the search efforts.

He is also associated with the television series “Yellowstone” and its prequel “1923”. Kansas police are currently seeking him concerning the alleged incident.

They are actively trying to locate him, as he is wanted for alleged violence. Recent news reports indicate that he has gone missing after a domestic violence incident.

Cole Brings Plenty’s disappearance is linked to an incident on March 31, as reported in several news outlets.

Cole Brings Plenty Wife: Is He Married?

As news of a domestic abuse case spread across the internet, many netizens immediately suspected that it involved Cole Brings Plenty wife or girlfriend.

Cole, the nephew of Yellowstone actor Mo Brings Plenty, has been missing since March 31 and is now a suspect in a violent dispute.

The search for his wife may stem from efforts to understand his circumstances and locate potential witnesses or associates.


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Despite frequently posting pictures with various women on Instagram, Cole Brings Plenty has never publicly mentioned anyone as his girlfriend or wife.

The police department wrote

“Officers responded to reports of a female screaming for help, but the suspect fled before officers arrived”

The woman screaming for help is reportedly speculated to be Plenty’s wife or girlfriend. However, no further information about her identity has been disclosed online.

In such cases, details about the alleged victim are often kept private to ensure their safety. We’ll have to wait for more updates to learn more about her.

Cole Brings Plenty gone missing amid accusations of domestic violence

Cole Brings Plenty, an actor known for roles in “Into the Wild Frontier” and “The Tall Tales of Jim Bridger,” has been reported missing and is wanted for domestic violence.

The nephew of “Yellowstone” actor Mo Brings Plenty, Cole’s disappearance has sparked public concern and a search for information.

His career, spanning roles in Western series like “1923”, contrasts sharply with the allegations against him.

Joseph Brings Plenty Sr., Cole Brings Plenty’s father, expressed concern on social media about his son’s whereabouts.


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He stated that the family was worried because Cole was last seen in the early morning hours of Easter and had not responded to messages or calls.

After Mo, presumably a friend or acquaintance, shared the news of Cole’s disappearance on Instagram, his “Yellowstone” co-stars, including Cole Hauser and Michelle Randolph, rallied support to aid the search efforts.

Gaylene Crouser, executive director of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, highlighted the importance of bringing attention to cases like Cole’s, emphasizing that Native American men often do not receive the same level of attention as others.

She expressed gratitude for efforts to raise awareness, noting that increased visibility could help expedite the search process.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is Cole Brings Plenty in the news?

Cole Brings Plenty is a Native American actor who has garnered attention due to his disappearance amid a domestic abuse investigation. He is the nephew of renowned actor Mo Brings Plenty.

2. What tribe does Cole Brings Plenty belong to?

Cole, a Haskell Indian Nations University student, is from the Mnicouju Lakota tribe. He has also starred in two episodes of the “Yellowstone” spinoff “1923” as Pete Plenty Clouds.

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