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Where Is Carmen Blackwell Going After Leaving WKYC News? Gave Hint About Her New Job

Carmen Blackwell had her final countdown at WKYC News as she waved goodbye to the team. On March 29, she gave her final news reporting on the channel.

Recently, Carmen Blackwell made a surprise announcement, marking the day as her last day with the team. People now wonder where this talented storyteller is going as they missed her voice on the channel.

Key Takeaways

  • Carmen Blackwell gave her final news report to the WKYC News team on March 29, 2024.
  • Carmen dropped a little hint to her listeners on her Instagram handle: She is leaving the channel. As for what’s NEXT, I can’t wait to share more soon.
  • Carmen wasn’t a renowned reporter from her early days; she joined as a news intern to start her professional career.

caAn Emmy Award-winning storyteller Carmen Blackwell, served as an anchor and reporter at WKYC studios in Cleveland, where she specialized in community enterprise reporting.

Moreover, she is also an excellent Spanish reader and has professional working proficiency in Spanish.

Where Is Carmen Blackwell Going After Leaving WKYC News?

WKYC News listeners are going to miss their favorite voice on the channel. Carmen Blackwell, who had a short time at the channel, amassed fruitful listeners with her amazing talent for delivering the news.

People now wonder where Carmen will go as she has left the channel in such a short time.

They are wondering if her personal problems or health issues might also be the reason she has suddenly decided to leave the channel.


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Carmen took to her social media pages to share the news of her departure from the team. She wrote,

Cleveland, i have some bittersweer news to share with you, Friday march 29 will be my last day at WKYC3 after two years. i am honored i was given the opportunity to serve NORTHEAST OHIO IN TELLING THE STORIES THAT MATTER MOST TO THIS INCREDIBLE COMMUNITY.

It seems that Carmen is also sad to share the journey she has put an end to. She also shared how the city had transformed and rebuilt who she is today.

Carmen continued that she is not leaving now as a better journalist and colleague but also as the best working mom.

She had always dreamed of the best of the best one day she could be. She thanked her colleagues for how they treated her on the very first day and on her last day at the station.

With a very kind word for her viewers, she said,

And to the incredible viewrs where do i even begin. in january 2022, you welcomed me to your homes and followed me and my reports through a whirlwind of shift changes. night to morning to evening and back to morning again. thank you for sharing your love for the land with me.

Carmen Blackwell Sparkled Little Hint About Her New Job

At the end of Carmen’s statement on her Instagram handle, she sprinkled a little hint about her soon-to-be next job at the new station. She said, “As for what’s NEXT- I can’t wait to share more soon…”

With this, fans were curious to know about her new job and the new colleagues she would be working with.

Carmen started her career in news reporting in the 1980s. She previously worked as a weekday morning anchor and a health reporter at KALB in Alexandria, Louisiana.


She also worked as a weekday morning reporter and fill-in anchor in Phoenix at the Fox affiliate KSAZ.

Moreover, she is also a member of The National Association of Hispanic Journalists (NAHJ), an organization dedicated to advancing Hispanic and Latino Journalists.

She is also a member of The National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ), which is a non-profit educational and professional organization of African-American journalists and media professionals.


Where did Carmen Blackwell start her news reporting career?

In May 2016, Carmen joined KNOE-TV8 as a News Intern. She assisted the reporter and the anchor during the location shoots and pitched story ideas in editorial meetings.

Where did Carmen Blackwell work before joining the WKYC Studios?

Before joining WKYC as an anchor and reporter, she worked full-time as a reporter at Fox Television Stations. She joined in March 2018 and left the channel in March 2021.

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