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What Happened To Qwabe Twins? Viggy And Virginia Death Hoax

What Happened To Qwabe Twins? The pop sensations Viggy and Virginia have been caught in a whirl of rumors, including death.

Have you heard of the South African Afro-pop duo, the Qwabe Twins? The identical twins made headlines as the Idols South Africa contestants.

While the ladies didn’t win the singing competition, their dramatic exits made headlines. Virginia was first eliminated from the show.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Qwabe Twins are household names in the South African music industry who began their journey with Idols South Africa.
  • The Qwbae Twins have been subjected to many rumors, including their demise.
  • Viggy and Virginia Qwabe are doing well in their music careers. The ladies soon have a big event coming up.

The following day, Viggy also quit the show, which no one expected. Thankfully, that was not the end of the Qwabe Twins.

DJ Tira offered a record deal to the singers with Afrotainment Records. They soon released their single Hamba, which became a hit song.

Since then, songstresses have only succeeded in the industry. They even won the SATMA Award.

What Happened To The Qwabe Twins? Death Hoaxes Debunked

Celebrities could never catch a break from nonsensical and unfounded rumors. Some speculations have a little bit of truth, while others are downright lies.

Well, in the Qwabe Twins’ case, their supposed death news is bogus. Both ladies are alive and well.

Moreover, Viggy and Virginia are having their 2nd Birthday Celebration on May 4, 2024, at HQ Premium Lounge.


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The event will feature the Qwabe Twins, Gatsheni, Mr. Brown, Duncan, and Dlala Mshunqisi.

While there are searches about Qwabe Twins’ supposed demise on TikTok, those all have a dead end. Likewise, they have not split or pursued individual careers, as some rumors say.

Viggy and Virginia are having the time of their lives, releasing new songs, hosting concerts, and collaborating with other artists.

Qwabe Twins Lost Their Brother: Is The News True?

It seems the rumors of the Qwabe twins’ passing away news came from a YouTube video titled, Qwabe Twins Brother has Passed Away.

Although the title is eye-catching, the content doesn’t reveal much. The guy mentioned in the video was missing for two days before his body was found.

What happened to the young man is unknown, but it is speculated that he was overwhelmed by his university work.

The video also discussed the man’s relationship with the Qwabe twins. However, it didn’t specifically mention whether he is related to Viggy or Virginia.

The artists have not talked about the incident either. So, the chances are the Qwabe twins have not lost their brother.

Hell, it’s not even known if they have one.

For now, let’s just focus on these talented ladies’ musical pursuits and ignore such misleading news.


Who Are The Qwabe Twins’ Boyfriends?

Qwabe Twins have not shared whether they are dating anyone. But one of them was seen walking down the aisle with musician Xowla. Still, it’s unknown if it was a real or staged marriage.

Why Was The News Of Qwabe Twins’ Pregnancy Trending?

Just like their supposed demise news, the Qwabe Twins’ pregnancy speculations are unclear.

How Many Albums Have Qwabe Twins Released?

Viggy and Virginia have released two studio albums: The Gift of Love and Words of Hope.

Who Are Viggy And Virginia’s Parents?

Viggy and Virginia Qwabe were born to their parents, Laurence Qwabe and Kholeka Qwabe. The couple raised their twins in a Christian household. 

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