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Patty Gasso Grandchildren Joseph Ava And Grace, Family Explored

Get to know the legendary softball coach Patty Gasso grandchildren Joseph, Ava, and Grace who bring joy and happiness into her life.

Patty Gasso is a name synonymous with success in the world of softball. The Los Angeles native has been active in the sports since 1981.

As the head coach of the Oklahoma Sooners, she has carved out a remarkable career, leading her team to multiple national championships.

But beyond the diamond, there’s another side to Gasso that’s equally inspiring. She’s not just a legendary coach, but also a devoted mother and grandmother.

Her family, including her three grandchildren, are her pride and joy. Let’s take a deeper look at the personal life of Patty Gasso while exploring her close-knit family and their special bond.

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Patty Gasso Grandchildren Joseph Ava And Grace

The Oklahoma Sooners softball head coach Patty Gasso wears many hats.

Apart from her illustrious career, she is a doting grandmother to Ava June, Joseph, and Grace Gasso.

Patty Gasso grandchildren
Patty Gasso grandchildren are the children of her first son JT Gasso and his wife, Andrea Gasso. (Image Source: Facebook)

These three bundles of joy are the children of her firstborn, JT Gasso, and his wife, Andrea Harrison.

Patty Gasso’s daughter-in-law, Andrea, is a volunteer softball coach at the University of Oklahoma and a History graduate from UCLA.

On the other hand, Patty’s youngest son, DJ Gasso, is yet to start a family with his wife, Grace Lauren.

The couple, who got engaged on 29 July 2020, and married on 14 June 2021, are enjoying their marital bliss. Grace is an entrepreneur who owns a clothing store named Glory Prom.

This close-knit family is a testament to Patty’s successful personal life, which complements her professional achievements.

Meet Patty Gasso Children: JT And DJ Gasso

Patty Gasso is a proud mother of two sons, JT and DJ Gasso, who she shares with her loving husband Jim Gasso

Having grown up in the heart of the Oklahoma University softball complex, Gasso’s kids developed a deep-rooted passion for the sport.

JT, the firstborn, has followed in his mother’s footsteps, serving as an assistant softball coach at the University of Oklahoma since 2015.

He plays a crucial role in training OU’s outfielders and strategizing the Sooner offense.

JT’s academic achievements include a bachelor’s degree in kinesiology and exercise science from East Central University and a Master’s Degree in Arts from the University of Oklahoma.

Similarly, DJ, the younger of the two, is making his mark as an associate head softball coach at the University of Utah.

Now in his third season with Utah, DJ is the team’s hitting coach.

Patty Gasso grandchildren
Patty Gasso’s second son, DJ Gasso is yet to welcome kids with his wife, Grace Lauren Gasso. (Image Source: Facebook)

Before joining Utah in June 2020, he spent two seasons working as a graduate assistant at Oklahoma, where he had a significant impact on the team in his first season in 2021.

DJ’s educational background is equally impressive. According to his LinkedIn account, he completed his associate degree in general studies from Hutchinson Community College.

In addition, he also has a Bachelor’s Degree in Science from Bradley University and a Master’s Degree from the University of Oklahoma.

Who Is Patty Gasso Husband Jim Gasso?

Patty Gasso and her husband Jim Gasso share a love for sports that began at Long Beach State University.

Both pursued degrees in physical education and later relocated to Norman when Patty accepted a position at Oklahoma University.

However, due to low pay, Jim returned to California. At one point, Patty considered leaving her position.

But after leading the Sooners to a national title, Patty’s pay increased, allowing her to continue her role.

Today, Jim owns Intensity Sports Training Academy in Norman, Oklahoma, and has previously worked as an assistant at the Bishop McGuinness baseball team.

He also volunteered as a strength and conditioning coach for Patty’s team. Their shared passion for sports continues to be a significant part of their lives.

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