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What Is Nava Mau Ethnicity? Birth Name And Parents

Following her appearance on Baby Reindeer, Nava Mau ethnicity and other details have come under the spotlight.

Netflix series Baby Reindeer has been a massive success. The twisted story of Richard Gadd’s experience with a stalker keeps viewers glued to the screen from the first episode.

While the main protagonists have received massive praise for their roles, Nava Mau’s role as Gadd’s real-life trans partner is also the talk of the town.

Key Takeaways:

  • Nava Mau is a Latina born in Mexico City, Mexico, before migrating to the States.
  • Nava Mau identifies as a trans woman and has been open about her transition.
  • The actress made her film debut in 2018 and has been active since. She got much recognition for her role in Baby Reindeer.

Mau played Teri, an American therapist based on an actual trans woman of Gadd’s story. The latter loved Teri in real life but shared he didn’t listen to her as much as he should have.

Nava’s life has turned 180 degrees since the show aired. She shared how she felt honored and had a great sense of responsibility to play the role.

Nava Mau Ethnicity: Has A Mexican-American Origin

The rising Netflix star was born in Mexico City, Mexico, on May 14, 1992. As a child, she relocated to the United States with her family.

This makes Nava Mau’s ethnicity Latina. She initially lived in San Antonio before shifting to Oakland, California.

Nava Mau’s mother, Rae-Ellen Levy Navarro, was a counselor and teacher, while her father, Gabriel Navarro, was an accountant. They urged her to apply to Health Careers High School and also signed her up for community theater programs.

However, the actress wanted to be a pop star and often made her two siblings participate in her music skits.

I would do lip-synch performances with me and my sisters singing to Selena or the Spice Girls for our family and friends.

All I wanted to do was dream of other worlds and characters that I wanted to be.

Nava always aspired to pursue an acting career but never thought it was possible. After her graduation, she became a peer counselor at Community United Against Violence.

Mau first appeared in the short film Waking Hour in 2018. Since then, she has starred in Disclosure, Generation, Sam’s Town, Femenia, and Work.

Has Nava Mau Revealed Her Birth Name?

Nava Mau came out as gay during her senior year of high school. She slowly discovered her sexuality at Pomona College.

The filmmaker then came out as genderqueer before changing her identity to a trans woman.

After identifying as non-binary or transgender, people often change their names from their birth names. They don’t prefer to be called by their former names and consider it offensive.


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Likewise, Mau likely changed her birth name after her transition. We must refrain from deadnaming her, so it’s better not to go into a deep investigation into Nau Mau’s birth name.

The Baby Reindeer star also shared about her battle with anorexia nervosa before her surgery. She struggled with eating disorder for a decade, which she disclosed on her Instagram.

Nava Mau has come far from her insecurities and is doing well in her acting career. Following her success as Teri, we might see Mau experimenting with more diverse roles in the future.


Who Is Nava Mau’s Partner In Real Life?

Nava Mau’s real-life partner is a mystery. She hasn’t revealed who she is dating at the moment.

How Much Is Nava Mau’s Net Worth In 2024?

Although the exact figures are unavailable, Nava Mau’s net worth must be thousands of dollars. 

What Happens To Teri In Baby Reindeer?

Nava Mau’s character, Teri, doesn’t end up with Donny. Afterward, she begins a relationship with a new man.

How Many Episodes Of Baby Reindeer Are On Netflix?

Baby Reindeer has seven parts that viewers can stream on Netflix.

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