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Is Molly Davis Lesbian Or Does She Have Boyfriend? Relationship Timeline

The curiosity surrounding Molly Davis lesbian speculations has been making grand rounds. The basketball player’s love life has become a hot issue among netizens.

Molly Davis, an Iowa senior basketball player, suffered a leg injury on March 4 during a game against No. 2 Ohio State.

The injury forced her to leave the court in the second quarter, and Molly didn’t return until late in the game.

Unfortunately, the basketball player’s injury kept her out of action for the entire Big Ten and NCAA tournaments.

Key Takeaways

  • Neither Molly Davis nor any reliable sources have addressed the speculations of her being a lesbian.
  • The basketball player has kept her details from media scrutiny, so the details of her potential love life are unknown.
  • Molly has a strong friendship with AJ Ediger. Recently, their various videos, like “Get Ready With Me,” have been making grand rounds.

Is Molly Davis Lesbian, Or Does She Have a Boyfriend?

Unfortunately, it remains unclear if Molly Davis is lesbian. Also, the basketball player hasn’t opened up about her love life so far.

The Iowa Hawkeyes player has kept her private life out of the limelight, so whether Molly has a boyfriend remains ambiguous.

Likewise, her social media platforms do not indicate any hint of a potential boyfriend or interest in the same gender.

Her close bond with fellow player AJ Ediger might have ignited speculation online.


Recently, “Get Ready With Me” videos of Ediger and Molly have been making rounds online, making fans talk about their beautiful bond.

Some even call them an ‘elite duo.’ However, Ediger and Molly have only a sound bond as fellow basketball players.

Neither Molly nor Ediger has addressed the prevailing rumors, and no reliable source has ascertained the speculation to date.

Molly Davis Relationship Timeline

The 23-year-old basketball player Molly Davis has concealed details surrounding her love life from the public.

She has not addressed the clickbait rumors or hinted about her relationship status.


It appears the basketball player is focused on her career at the moment. She has dedicated her time and effort to the game.

Molly’s focus on her career and commitment to her skill suggests that the basketball player prioritizes professional endeavors at this stage.

That said, netizens indeed praise her bond with AJ Ediger. They have become the epitome of a true friendship.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Molly Davis be able to play in the national championship game against South Carolina?

Unfortunately, it appears unlikely that Molly Davis will play a significant role in the championship game. Head coach Lisa Bluder’s recent comments suggest that while she would love for Molly to have the opportunity to play, it’s uncertain if she’ll be able to do so for more than a few seconds. 

How did Molly Davis start her career?

Molly Davis began her basketball career at H.H. Dow High School in Midland, Michigan, earning second-team all-state honors as a sophomore. She showed her skills with the Michigan Mystics AAU team before playing three successful seasons at Central Michigan University. Molly then transferred to Iowa, quickly becoming a key player, contributing to the team’s success in the NCAA tournament.

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