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Michele Lamy Religion: Does She Worship Satan? Family Details

What is Michele Lamy religion? Many people wonder if the prominent fashion figure worships satan.

Michèle Lamy is a renowned figure in the fashion industry, who is known for her unique style and influence.

Born in France and of Algerian descent, she has left an indelible mark on the world of fashion with her avant-garde aesthetics and innovative designs.

Her partnership with fashion designer Rick Owens has led to the creation of the successful fashion company, Owenscorp.

However, Lamy’s distinctive style, often described as dark and mysterious, has sparked curiosity and speculation.

Her unconventional appearance, complete with tattooed fingers and gold-plated teeth, exudes an aura that some might describe as eerie or even sinister.

This has led to questions about her religious beliefs, with some wondering if she worships Satan.

Find out the truth behind these speculations, while exploring Lamy’s personal beliefs and family life.

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What Is Michele Lamy Religion? Does She Worship Satan?

Michèle Lamy has never publicly declared herself as a worshipper of Satan.

When questioned about her faith in God during an interview, she responded, “I don’t know what a god is.”

Michele Lamy Religion
The French fashion designer Michele Lamy has never publicly declared herself as a worshipper of Satan. (Image Source: GQ)

“I believe in DNA, I believe that genes have memory, I believe in civilization,” she stated while adding that she doesn’t have a religion to put a name on it.

The French Fashion designer also said that she is someone who views the occult as an integral part of our humanity.

In addition, Lamy has amassed a collection of voodoo masks and anthropological artifacts. Moreover, Lamy often dresses in the guise of a Goddess or a shaman.

When questioned if she subscribes to any superstitions, cults, pagan practices, occult, or voodoo, she replied, “Belief is a way to express a memory of your genes.”

It is crucial to understand that these interests do not necessarily signify any specific religious beliefs or practices.

Personal beliefs can be intricate and multifaceted, and they may not conform neatly to conventional categories.

It’s essential to respect the complexity and individuality of personal beliefs, and not to make assumptions based on appearances or interests.

Nonetheless, Michèle Lamy’s unique style and interests contribute to her distinctive identity, but they do not define her religious beliefs or practices.

Michele Lamy Is A Family Woman

Michèle Lamy was born in 1944 in a place called Jura in France.

According to her wikipedia, her grandfather used to make accessories for a very famous fashion designer in France named Paul Poiret.

The French fashion designer has roots in Algeria, which means she is of Algerian descent.

As for her marital life, she is married to Rick Owens, who is also a fashion designer.

Michele Lamy Religion
Michele Lamy is married to Rick Owens, who is also an accomplished fashion designer. (Image Source: WWD)

The pair got married in the year 2006. Together, they started their own fashion company in 2004, which they named Owenscorp.

Additionally, Michèle has a daughter named Scarlett Rouge. Scarlett is an artist.

Scarlett’s father is Richard Newton, who is an experimental filmmaker and was Michèle Lamy’s first husband.

In the year 1979, Michèle Lamy decided to move to New York. After some time, she moved again and settled down in Los Angeles.

There, she started her fashion line. She also started running two restaurants that also functioned as nightclubs.

The names of these places were Café des Artistes and Les Deux Cafés. She started these in the year 1996 with her first husband, Richard Newton.

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