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Marcin Pieciak Nationality Is American; Originally From Queens, New York

Sarah McNally was the Longford girl who was stabbed by her boyfriend, Marcin Pieciak, inside a bar. It was said that she was attacked inside the doors of The Ceili House Pub.

The 36-year-old Marcin Pieciak was living with Sarah McNally but didn’t have a history of any domestic violence against her.

Key Takeaways

  • The incident occurred around 6:30 pm, and police got a call from around 6:35 pm.
  • Marcin is currently at the hospital as he had wounds on his back and neck after attacking himself.
  • Sarah is of Irish nationality, and his friends and family gave tribute to her on their social media handle.

It was said that after Marcin attacked his girlfriend, he then tried to attack himself on the neck before police tasered him.

After that, he was rushed to the hospital after suffering wounds on his neck. Moreover, police still have not released a statement about the reason behind his attacking his girlfriend.

Marcin Pieciak Nationality Is American

Marcin and Sarah had been dating for a couple of months and lived on 76th Street in the Glendale neighborhood.

Marcin Pieciak is American by nationality. He is originally from Queens, New York. He was living in Queens with his girlfriend.

However, it is yet to be known what his ethnicity is. As he is currently in hospital because of his wounds, further investigation from police is yet to be done from which his background may come in.

What did Marcin Pieciak Do At The Bar?

Around 6:35 pm on Saturday, the police of Queens got a call from someone about an incident inside the door of The Ceili House Pub.

Policemen rushed to the location and saw the victim, Sarah McNally, bleeding heavily from her neck, and side to her was a man named Marcin Pieciak, who had attacked himself on his back and neck after he stabbed Sarah.

Sarah, originally from Longford town, had just emigrated to the US about a 10 years ago and met Marcin and dated each other for a couple of months.


After the demise, Sarah started to get attention. Her friends and family poured tributes to her online.

Sarah’s aunt Mary took her social media handle and wrote,

rest in peace my beautiful niece sarah, we are heartbroken, love you always.

Her other aunt, Margaret Gaffey, added, “My beautiful niece was taken too soon. Love you.”

Moreover, police are yet to conduct further investigation, which may take place after Marcin is recovered from the wonds.


Where did Sarah McNally work?

Sarah McNally worked as a barwoman inside The Ceili House Pub in Maspeth, Queens.

Where is Marcin Pieciak now?

According to FoxNews, Marcin was prosecuted from the hospital on Tuesday morning.

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