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David Holthouse Wikipedia Bio Age And Career: Meet The Journalist

David Holthouse, a former rock and gonzo journalist, gained recognition for his first-person essay about surviving childhood sexual assault, which later became a radio piece.

David wrote extensively for Westword, a Denver-based alternative weekly, including a notable story in 2004.

Key Takeaways

  • David’s play about surviving childhood sexual assault gained recognition, leading to adaptations into radio and stage productions, showcasing his ability to share impactful and deeply personal stories.
  • David Holthouse transitioned from rock and gonzo journalism to filmmaking, demonstrating his adaptability and storytelling skills across different mediums.
  • Despite experiencing a traumatic childhood incident, David Holthouse has channeled his experiences into his creative and career pursuits.

Holthouse transitioned from journalism to filmmaking, showcasing his adaptability and storytelling skills.

He is also known for his involvement in projects like “Stalking the Bogeyman” and “WE UP: Indigenous Hip Hop of the Circumpolar North,” showing his diverse talents.

David Holthouse Wikipedia Is On Trends

David Holthouse, a versatile figure known for his work in writing, directing, and producing documentaries, was born to his parents in Alaska. 

While his exact date of birth isn’t available online, it’s mentioned that David Holthouse is currently 53 years old. The details regarding his parent’s name and identity have not been revealed yet.

Talking about David Holthouse Wikipedia, even though he is a famous personality, he is not yet featured on that platform. But his American play Stalking the Bogeyman is featured in it.

Holthouse is a writer and documentarian who has directed and produced various documentaries, including “Night Stalker,” “The Last Narc,” and “We Up: Indigenous Hip-Hop of the Circumpolar North”.


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He has also appeared on platforms like the Joe Rogan Experience, discussing his work and life experiences.

David Holthouse’s childhood was marred by a heart-wrenching incident when, at the tender age of 7, he was assaulted by his parent’s friend’s son.

This traumatic event occurred in 1978 while he was living in Alaska with his parents.

As he is on the cusp of fifty now, he can see the huge impact it had on the development of his personality and psyche, on his creative and career choices.

Storyteller David Holthouse’s Journey from Journalism to Documentary Filmmaking

David Holthouse, an Alaskan, has always loved newspapers and telling stories. He became a journalist who liked to get deeply involved in his stories.

David could blend in anywhere, which helped him become known as a gonzo journalist—a style about getting deeply involved in the story and being a part of it.

He also wrote a first-person essay about surviving childhood sexual assault. It became a radio piece and then a play.

Holthouse did his best work on the inside, infiltrating groups as varied as neo-Nazis and crystal meth addicts.


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David co-authored the American play “Stalking the Bogeyman” with Markus Potter.

The play showcases his personal story and includes additional writing by Shane Zeigler, Shane Stokes, and Santino Fontana.

He makes documentaries for places like Hulu and Netflix, where he tells fascinating stories, like about Sasquatch and a notorious serial killer.

Nowadays, Holthouse is an investigative journalist who has covered a wide range of topics over the last thirty years.

He’s written about street gangs, people addicted to speed, and homeless youth, among many other things.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How did David Holthouse name the ‘Bogeyman’?

David Holthouse named the ‘Bogeyman’ by drawing parallels between childhood sexual assault and homicide, considering it a form of psychological killing.

2. Does David Holthouse address criminal justice issues?

Yes, David Holthouse addresses criminal justice issues. Holthouse has produced true crime documentaries, demonstrating his involvement in exploring criminal cases. He has engaged in investigative journalism, such as his quest for leads in northern California to solve a crime. His personal experiences, including trauma, have likely informed his approach to understanding and addressing criminal justice issues.

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