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Karl-Erivan Haub Kinder With Ehefrau Katrin Haub: Meet Viktoria Anna-Katharina and Erivan Karl-Christopher

Did you know Karl-Erivan Haub kinder are twins? They must be surprised by the recent investigations done into his disappearance.

In the US, a missing person is presumed dead if he hasn’t been found for seven years.

However, if there is a dead end to the investigation and several factors hint at the demise of a missing person, people usually assume that party to have left the world.

So did Karl-Erivan Haub’s family when he disappeared on April 7, 2018. He was last seen entering a tunnel in the Klein Matterhorn Cable Car Station.

Key Takeaways:

  • Karl-Erivan Haub was formally declared dead on May 14, 2021. His brother, Christian Haub, gave a sworn statement.
  • Karl-Erivan Haub shared twin children, Viktoria and Erivan, with his wife, Katrin Haub.
  • Mrs. Haub stood against her brother-in-law to fight for her children’s inheritance in the Tengelmann Group.

After the billionaire vanished with $10 billion in thin air, the family had no choice but to accept that he wouldn’t be in their lives.

Shockingly, the recent investigation alleges that Haub is alive and well. What’s more, he is said to be living in Moscow with his young mistress.

Karl-Erivan Haub Kinder Manage Haub Legacy Enterprises

Karl-Erivan Haub’s kids, Viktoria Anna-Katharina and Erivan Karl-Christopher, were devastated after losing him. They must be happy to learn that their dad could be alive.

But then again, the bombshell of Karl-Erivan faking his demise to enjoy a separate life with his lover does put a damper on the mood.

According to recent reports, Karl-Erivan Haub’s son Erivan and daughter Viktoria are managing directors of Haub Legacy Enterprises Verwaltungs-GmbH, Germany.

The Haub siblings registered the company on July 25, 2023. Before that, Erivan was involved in Twinfest Capital GMBH and Uniquefan GMBH.

Viktoria and her brother also invested in Berliner Food-Startup Koro. They funded 20 million euros to expand the company’s Series B financing round.

The brother-sister duo is also running Haub Legacy Ventures side-by-side. However, they keep their private lives away from the media radar.

Karl-Erivan Haub Ehefrau Publicly Fought With Her Brother-In-Law

The German-Russian billionaire’s disappearance was the talk of the town when it happened. There were rumors of foul play and hidden agendas right from the start.

It didn’t help that Haub left billions of dollars worth of empire. After he disappeared, his brother, Christian Haub, proposed the idea of becoming the sole CEO of the family business, Tengelmann Group.


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However, Karl-Erivan Haub’s ehefrau, Katrin Haub, vehemently opposed the proposition, mentioning it wasn’t fair for her children. Christian offered to pay 1.1 billion euros to buy the 34 percent shares of Viktoria and Erivan.

The Haub twins disagreed with their uncle’s eat-or-die announcement. They fought publicly to preserve their shares in the company.

It is surprising that a shareholder who only holds 34 percent of the shares believes that he can determine the composition of the advisory board alone – and threatens other shareholders through the press with exclusion if they do not agree to his suggestions.

Unfortunately, Karl-Erivan Haub’s wife and children forgot their other uncle, Georg Haub. The latter supported Christian and gave him voting power for the advisory board election.

Long story short, Christian Haub paid Katrin Haub over €1 billion and bought her shares in Tengelmann.

However, the guy is now being investigated for his false sworn statement that contributed to the district court in Cologne declaring his brother officially dead in May 2021.


Who Is Karl-Erivan Haub’s Alleged Mistress?

Karl-Erivan Haub’s alleged lover is Veronika Ermilova, who is speculated to be linked with Russian Intelligence.

Was Karl-Erivan Haub’s Wife Aware Of His Adultery?

While it’s unknown if Karl-Erivan Haub’s wife knew about his affair before, Katrin Haub publicly learned about Karl’s adultery only after his disappearance.

How Much Is Karl-Erivan Haub’s Net Worth?

Karl-Erivan Haub’s net worth was estimated at £5.2 billion at the time of his missing.

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