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Asa Blanton Parents: Where Are They From? Family Ethnicity And Origin

Asa Blanton is a nursing student at Indiana State University who recently came under public scrutiny due to her racist remarks toward Black people.

The controversy started when she posted a TikTok video stating, “If you’re Black, you’re not country,” referring to Beyonce’s country album, Act II: Cowboy Cater.

Key Takeaways

  • Asa Blanton, a nursing student at Indiana State University, is in the limelight due to her viral video regarding black people.
  • Her parents lived in Indiana and supported her career to become a nurse.
  • Although her ethnic background is undisclosed, she might be of Irish descent based on her surname.

The now-deleted video was released shortly after Beyonce released her country album.

Asa Blanton made some misleading and very harmful racial comments regarding the black community and their ties to being a part of the “Country Culture.” 

She stated black American grandparents may have lived in the country, but they were picking, not planting. They were being sold for money, not making money.

Due to her viral racist video, people started to question her parenting. Let’s explore her family ethnicity in this article.

Asa Blanton Parents: Where Are They From?

Indiana State University nursing student Asa Blanton seems to be a private person who hasn’t disclosed her parents’ identity.

Based on her viral video, it seems she doesn’t have much love for Black people. So, it’s assumed her parents are white or of another ethnicity.


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She grew up in Terre Haute, Indiana, so her parents are likely to be hailing from Indiana. 

Following her provoking comment on Beyonce and the people of color, netizens have questioned her upbringing and parenting environment.

One of the most crucial areas of medicine is nursing, and nurses need to treat everyone with dignity and compassion, not just their favorite patients.

Thus, her viral video incident led to the creation of a petition requesting Asa’s removal from the Indiana State University Nursing Program.

Explore Asa Blanton’s Family Ethnicity And Origin

While there are no specific details about Asa Blanton’s parents, the origin of her surname can give some insights.

The last name β€œBlanton” is of Gaelic origin and has Irish roots. Individuals with this surname are typically considered to be of Irish descent.

Thus, Asa Blanton might be descended from either white or Irish people.

However, the ISU nursing student has not disclosed her origin and ethnic background. 

In the meantime, she has become a recluse following the immense backlash for her racist remarks about Black people’s association to the Country music genre.


When did Asa Blanton’s video clip go viral on TikTok?

Asa Blanton’s video clip quickly gained traction on TikTok on March 29, 2024, with numerous social media users stitching their reactions.

Is Indiana State University aware of Asa Blanton’s racist video?

Yes, Indiana State University is aware of her video and issued a statement noting the college’s long history of valuing diversity and inconclusiveness.

Who is the president of the Black Alumni Network?

Darrell Morton Jr. currently serves as the president of the Black Alumni Network.

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