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Jamie Lissow Family: Meet His Ex Wife Jessica And Children

Jamie Lissow is a multi-talented entertainer who wears many hats in the entertainment industry. He’s not just a comedian but also a producer, writer, and actor.

You might recognize him from his roles in popular TV shows like “Real Rob” and “Man with a Plan,” where he has showcased his comedic talents.

Additionally, he’s made appearances on the late-night talk show “Gutfeld!” on Fox, where he shares his humor with a broader audience.

Despite being 52 years old, Jamie continues to captivate audiences with his wit and charm.

His net worth, estimated to be around 2 million USD as of 2022, reflects his success and recognition in the industry.

What sets Jamie apart is his knack for crafting jokes that resonate with people, particularly his monster jokes, which have become a signature aspect of his comedy.

Overall, Jamie Lissow’s versatility and comedic prowess make him a beloved figure in the entertainment world, delighting audiences with his humor wherever he goes.

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Jamie Lissow Family

Jamie Lissow’s family life has seen its share of changes, with his marriage to Jessica Lissow lasting nearly 12 years before coming to an end with their divorce in late 2021.

Despite this, the couple shares three wonderful children, demonstrating their commitment to their family even amidst personal challenges.

Jessica Lissow, previously a teacher, now resides in Alaska, where she has transitioned her career to become a real estate agent.

She has taken on the role of a dedicated single parent, providing love and support to their children in their new living arrangements.

Jamie and Jessica’s children exhibit diverse interests and talents.

Jamie Lissow Family
Jamie Lissow and Jessica got divorced in 2021. (Source: Instagram)

Their daughter displays a passion for fashion design, showcasing creativity and flair, alongside an interest in aerobatics, highlighting her adventurous spirit.

Their oldest son demonstrates prowess on the soccer field, engaging in the sport with enthusiasm and skill.

Meanwhile, their youngest son, who recently turned seven in February 2022, represents the joy and innocence of childhood milestones within the family.

Though the family has experienced changes, the love and support between Jamie, Jessica, and their children remain steadfast, fostering an environment where each child can pursue their passions and thrive.

Meet Jamie Lissow Ex Wife Jessica And Children

Jamie Lissow and Jessica Lissow’s journey as a couple spanned over a decade, during which they welcomed three beautiful children into their lives: Miles, Charles, and Briar.

Settling in Alaska, Jamie pursued his career in comedy, a decision that likely brought both joy and challenges to their family life.

Despite their eventual divorce, Jamie and Jessica have remained dedicated to providing a nurturing environment for their children.

Their daughter, Briar, exhibits a flair for fashion design and a passion for aerobatics, demonstrating her creativity and adventurous spirit.

Jamie Lissow Family
Jamie Lissow and Jessica’s children’s names are Miles, Charles, and Briar. (Source: Instagram)

Meanwhile, their eldest son, Miles, actively participates in school soccer, showcasing his athleticism and teamwork skills.

The family celebrated a milestone as their youngest son, Charles, turned seven in February 2022, marking another year of growth and joy.

Jessica’s transition from teaching to real estate reflects her commitment to providing for her family’s needs and aspirations.

Though the details of their separation are private, it’s clear that Jamie and Jessica prioritize their children’s well-being above all else.

They maintain an amicable co-parenting relationship for their own sake.

While they may not share much about their personal lives publicly, their dedication to their children speaks volumes about their enduring bond as a family.

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