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Is Zoe Henry Leaving Emmerdale? Career Details And Update

Is Zoe Henry leaving Emmerdale? This talk escalated after Zoe Henry’s character Rhona Goskirk was blamed on the series, which could have made her character have a turning point in the series.

The viewers of Emmerdale will recall that last year, Rohana got to know that her ex-husband Gus was expecting a baby with his partner Lucy.

Key Takeaways

  • In the latest episode, Zoe Henry’s character, Rhona Roskirk, seemed to get justice, as the episode ended with suspense.
  • Rhona said liar to Gus on the face after he started to blame her for everything.
  • People were concerned that Zoe was about to leave the cast with her character facing huge blame, but the latest episode favored the things on her.

On the January 2024 episode, it was telecasted that Rhona Goskirk went missing with the baby Ivy, and Marol also feared that he would never see them again.

And after Gus revealed that he planned to move to France with Ivy, Rohana decided to abduct the baby and flee the village.

However, later, Rhona was taken into custody after Gus called the police over her.

Is Zoe Henry Leaving Emmerdale? Rhona Goskirk’s Justice Hangs

No, Zoe Henry is not leaving Emmerdale’s cast. In the recent episode, the jury told her that she wasn’t to blame for Lucy Malcom’s homicide.

Discussing the latest episode of Emmerdale, which was aired on 11th April 2024, revealed the truth of Rhona Goskirk’s behavior.

Earlier this year, the series made a surprising move when Rhona took her ex-husband’s baby.

Rhona is the biological mum of Ivy, as Gus had stolen her embryos and given them to Lucy, who couldn’t have a child of her own.

While in court, Rhona was supported by her husband, Marlon, and her mother, Mary.

She was there trying to clear the air with Gus before the trial, insisting to the judge that both of them had Ivy’s best interest at heart.

However, Gus had other things in his mind and replied,

She’d be locked up for good.

After taking the stand, Gus tried to appeal by talking about his grief over losing his partner, Lucy and said to the jury how Rhona had manipulated him to convince him to get away from Ivy.

But Rhona replied immediately with the word “liar.”

And the situation took a turn when Vanessa Woodfield was called to testify.

Rohana’s best friend shared that she was never concerned about Ivy’s well-being while she was with Rhona.

However, under the pressure of persecution questions, she ultimately crumbled.

She explained how Lucy had an underlying health condition as she was suffering from bleeding during the birth.

This hinted that her demise had nothing to do with the stress of their row, as Guy had suggested.

The final second of the episode shows that Rhoda’s fate is still balanced, though Gus thought she would be getting behind bars.

Zoe Henry Career Highlights

Zoe Henry is a British actress known for her roles in the soap operas Doctors, Emmerdale, Coronation Street, and EastEnders.

She started her career with a small role in the first episode of Cold Feet and also with the character of Emma in Grafters.

However, her acting skills caught people’s attention after she was cast as a new vet, Rhona Goskirk, in Emmerdale.

Zoe also has won the Manchester Evening News Best Actress in the leading role of Pygmalion for portraying the character Eliza Doolittle.


Who is Zoe Henry’s husband?

Zoe Henry is married to her co-star Jeff Hordley.

How did Zoe Henry and Jeff Hordley meet?

Zoe and Jeff met on Emmerdale’s set and fell in love. And their dating turned into marriage.

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