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Fallout: Xelia Mendes-Jones Transgender And Non-Binary Role Raised Fans Eyebrow

Xelia Mendes-Jones has raised the eyes of the viewers with his non-binary character in Amazon’s Fallout series. He has already gained a lot of mainstream media attention with his acting skills.

Just with his outstanding second appearance on television has already marked his success height in the entertainment business.

Key Takeaways

  • Xelia had posted on his story asking him to refer as they/them and he/him.
  • Xelia Mendes portraying his non-binary role made his fans curious about his gender and sexuality.
  • Xelia even has made a statement in his Instagram bio saying, your local trans guy.

Xelia has not only successfully embarked on the entertainment industry but has also been an amazing athlete.

At The South of England U17 Girls championship, he secured a medal in the javelin throw.

Moreover, he was also active in soccer and also had a record in javelin throw while he was in college.

On the other hand, his fans are shocked after how amazingly he gave justice to his non-binary character in the series.

Xelia fans are questioning if he is transgender in real life or if he is just an amazing artist who does it better than no one else.

Fallout: Is Xelia Mendes-Jones Transgender Rumors YTrue?

Xelia Mendes-Jones fans are going all over the internet to know if his role as a non-binary character exists on the screen or if he really is in real.

The rumors might not be another internet hoax about Xelia Mendes-Jones being transgender. He has always been open up about his gender to the public.


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Xelia Mendes Jone has been open up about him being transgender and has preferred the pronouns they/them and he/him.

He once had posted in his story,

only really uses he/they nmow and that if you still refer to (them) as female that’s on you at this stage.

Moreover, on his Instagram bio, he even mentioned YOUR LOCAL TRANS GUY.

Xelia Mendes-Jones Non-Binary Role In Fallout Praised By Fans

Viewers of Fallout are very pleased to see a trans character portrayed by an actual trans.

They went out on their social media handle and praised Xelia for his outstanding performance.

One of his fans took Reddit and wrote,

i wasn’t able to find much info on whether they intended to cast a trans actor of it they show runners wrote the character around Mendes-Jones, but even so, just having an actor who’s actually trans is a huge step.

The viewers seem to be too pleased to see Xelia portraying the role in Fallout.


What is Xelia Mendes-Jones’s Ethnicity and heritage background?

Xelia Mendes-Jones, being born in England and one of his parents from India, has made his ethnic background mix and multicultural heritage.

What was Xelia Mendes-Jones’s first television series?

Xelia started his professional career with the character of Renna in the television series named The Wheel of Time.

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