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Is Ian Charles Gay Rumors True? James Charles Brother Gender And Sexuality

Ian Charles, the younger brother of makeup artist and internet personality James Charles, caught the attention of netizens recently because of his fake death news circulated online.

Along with that, Ian Charles gay rumors are also flooded all over the internet. Is this news true, or is it just another celebrity hoax? Let’s find out.

Key Takeaways

  • Speculation surrounding Ian’s sexuality emerged amid rumors, although he has not publicly disclosed his orientation.
  • While his brother James is openly gay, Ian’s dating history suggests he identifies as straight, having previously dated pop singer Loren Gray.
  • Ian Charles recently faced false death rumors circulated online, which he debunked with an Instagram video, reassuring fans of his well-being.

Ian’s brother, James’ fame has helped him reach many people and gain millions of followers on his social media.

Recently, rumors mentioning Ian Charles passed away circulated in TikTok.

In reply to those rumors, Ian uploaded a video on his Instagram confirming that the rumors about his death that spread on social media were false.

Being a celebrity sometimes brings many false news, controversies, and rumors, which should be trusted only after being verified by an authorized person or media.

After confirming Ian is in good condition, let’s explore the facts regarding his sexuality.

Is Ian Charles Gay Rumors True? James Charles Brother Gender And Sexuality

Ian’s brother, James Charles, came out as gay in 2019, stating, “I am a 20-year-old gay man”, but Ian never revealed much about his sexuality and his preference online.

According to Famous Birthdays, Ian has previously dated pop singer Loren Gray, which allegedly means that Ian Charles identifies as a boy with a straight sexuality.

It was mentioned that Loren Gray dated Ian Jeffrey from late 2018 to early 2019.


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However, news about Ian conversing with underage boys spread widely, causing a rift between him and his brother James, leading to years of dispute between them.

While Ian’s brother James has openly discussed his sexual orientation, Ian himself has not addressed his orientation or preferences publicly.

While browsing through his Instagram, there were no indications in any of Ian’s posts that hinted at having a girlfriend or revealed his sexual preferences.

Ian Charles’s Death Hoax Scared His Fans And Well-Wishers!

Ian Jeffrey Charles, the brother of YouTuber James Charles, is alive and well.

He recently posted a story on Instagram showing himself walking on a street, dispelling rumors circulating on social media about his death.

Various TikTok videos wrongly suggested Ian’s passing, sparking speculation and conspiracy theories regarding the supposed cause of his “sudden demise.”

@ianjeffreyyThanks for the warm welcome 🙂♬ walking on a dream by empire of the sun – sophie

Ian took to IG to clarify that he was not dead.

“Just downloaded this app and immediately saw a video saying I was dead,” the internet personality wrote along with a video of him with what appeared like a smoothie in his hand.

Ian made his first TikTok appearance amidst controversy, coinciding with the expected release of his brother’s new single ‘Can We Just Be Friends.’

Before this, people asked about Ian’s whereabouts on James Charles’ social media.

Ian’s Instagram posts were flooded with comments speculating about his death and offering condolences.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why were James and his brother, Ian, not on good terms?

James and Ian weren’t known to have a good relationship because James claimed that he stopped talking to Ian in 2021 after he discovered that Ian had been messaging underage boys.

2. How old is Ian Charles?

Ian Charles was born on December 17, 2001, which means he is 22 years old in 2024.

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