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Is Esther Choi Married To Her Partner Joshua Griffiths? Relationship Explored

Is Esther Choi married to her partner Joshua Griffiths? The celebrity chef welcomed her son Leonardo with Joshua in February 2024.

Esther Choi is a professional chef and owner of mŏkbar and mŏkbar Brooklyn. She is also widely known as Ms. Yoo.

Besides her prominence as a chef, Esther is also a noteworthy social media influencer with strong social engagement.

Key Takeaways

  • Chef Esther Choi is in a relationship with Joshua Griffiths. However, it remains unknown if they are married.
  • Joshua and the South Korean chef belong to the hospitality industry. He is the owner of KG Fare Catering and Events LLC.
  • Esther and Joshua became parents to their son Leonardo in February 2024.

Is Esther Choi Married To Her Partner Joshua Griffiths?

Unfortunately, it is yet to be ascertained if chef Esther Choi is married to her partner Joshua Griffiths.

According to the online wedding registry, Esther and Joshua tied the knot on Saturday, January 20, 2024.

However, the professional chef hasn’t explicitly announced whether she has married Joshua. She has chosen to keep the details out of the limelight.


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Likewise, despite being religiously active across social platforms, including Instagram, Joshua hasn’t spoken on the growing speculation.

The couple deliberatively chose to maintain their relationship’s privacy from media scrutiny.

Thus far, even a snippet of information about their relationship remains ambiguous.

Esther Choi Partner Joshua Griffiths Is The Owner of KG Fare Catering and Events LLC

The professional chef Esther Choi’s partner, Joshua Griffiths, is an entrepreneur in the hospitality industry.

He is the co-owner of KG Fare Catering and Events LLC, a New York-based boutique catering and events company founded in 2008 with partner Peter Killy.

Joshua worked in hospitality for a prolonged period with Peter before they founded the company.

He flaunts an extensive career journey from operations manager to entrepreneur.

Joshua initiated his career as a Store Manager at Abercrombie & Fitch, managing operations at flagship locations in New York City.

Later, he transitioned to finance and held an account executive position at PHD Capital. 

Joshua then entered the field of education, beginning as a Special Education Teacher in the NYC Department of Education.


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Eventually, he moved to roles, including Social Skills Curriculum Coordinator and Assistant Head of School.

Joshua also served as an Administrator and Teacher. He has owned the catering company for over 15 years.

Their career timeline sheds light on his capabilities, including leadership, entrepreneurship, and a commitment to education and community service.

Joshua Griffiths is a Drew University graduate with a bachelor’s in the Arts, focusing on Behavioral Sciences.

Likewise, he boasts a triple master’s degree. Joshua earned his first master’s degree in General and Special Education from Hunter College New in 2007.

Joshua also gained a master’s in special education from Hunter College and an eventual master’s degree in general and particular education from Baruch College New in 2012.

Esther And Joshua Became Parents In 2024

The power couple, Esther and Joshua, welcomed their son Leonardo on February 22, 2024.

She announced her pregnancy via Instagram just days following the Lunar New Year, writing, “Officially, Mother of Dragon.”


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Esther took to her Instagram to share the news with her followers and loved ones. She wrote,’

Sharing the very first photo ever taken of us.. the minute he was born. 2.22.24 Welcome to earth, my little dragon angel bebe *Leonardo*

Likewise, the chef also penned about her journey into motherhood, describing how tough it has been while shouting out to all the mothers. 

Esther uploaded a heartwarming newborn photoshoot of her son Leonardo with her dog Persy on March 7, 2024.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Esther Choi have a sibling?

Yes, Esther Choi has a sister, Jennifer Choi, who works as Mokbar’s business partner and manager.

What is Esther Choi’s ethnicity?

The influential celebrity chef Esther Choi flaunts Korean roots. Although Esther was born in New Jersey and grew up in the oceanside town of Egg Harbor, she respects South Korean culture.

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