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Following Recent Headline, Netizens Are Searching For Drew Soule Wife: Is He Married?

Drew Soule is making headlines with the charges of attempting to lure a 14-year-old boy who was a decoy placed by PvP. However, unknown of the plot, Drew Soule fell for it and had his Pinterest deleted, making fans curious if he had a wife to witness the ordeal. But is he married?

Fortunately, the Pinterest HR Business Partner has yet to marry and has no wife. He maintains a low profile on social media platforms, particularly about his love life.

His Pinterest page and LinkedIn are not currently available after the footage taped last month showing Drew getting charged by Torrance Police made grand rounds online.

This made netizens wonder if the page had any potential details about his love life.


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The Pinterest page that detailed Drew’s life now reads, ‘ Page Not Found.’ Likewise, he was also fired from Pinterest.

Now detained under special arrangements, the 30-year-old Drew had been talking to someone pretending to be a young boy, but it was actually someone working for PvP “People v. Preds.”

Key Takeaways

  • Drew Soule isn’t married and hasn’t talked about his love life on any platform.
  • People mistook the Pinterest employee for a YouTuber, Shane Burcaw, who has a similar visible physical challenge.
  • He attempted to convince a 14-year-old boy to visit his home who he didn’t know was a decoy placed by PvP.

Before the incident, Soule maintained a sound work life without letting his physical limitations limit or dictate his professional accomplishments.

Regardless of physical challenges, Drew never looked down on himself but sought a silver lining in every circumstance life threw at him.

However, Drew’s discussions about his moral values and actions revealed a contradiction after the recent ordeal.

Confusion about Drew Soule having a wife sparked from similar-looking YouTuber Shane Burcaw

In an Instagram post featuring Drew, a comment by the user who goes by the username “slaapstand” garnered the attention of many.

He penned, ‘Isn’t this the handicapped dude on instagram who’s married to some blonde gymgirl?’, confusing him with Shane Burcaw.

The comments ignited curiosity surrounding Drew’s potential love life in nearly no time. 

However, another user, “geekerella_girl,” cleared the air, stating that Drew wasn’t someone he was referring to.

According to geekerella_girl’s caption, everyone mistook Drew for the Youtuber because of their similar visual disabilities.

A comment below vividly cleared the tangling web of confusion, stating that the person they are referring to isn’t Drew.

The user commented, ‘You’re thinking of Shane Burcaw, who has the Youtube channel Squirmey & Grubs. I thought the same thing.’

The YouTuber and Drew indeed look-alike with a similar disability. The former has a YouTube channel, Squirmey & Grubs, with over 1.5 million subscribers.

Shane, who has spinal muscular dystrophy, uses a wheelchair, and his wife, Hannah Aylward, helps him in his daily work.


1. How Old Is Drew Soule?

The senior human resource officer at Pinterest, Drew Soule, is 30. He was born in 1993.

2. Where Did Drew Soule Study?

Drew Soule graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana with a Masters in Human Resource Management.

3. Where Did Drew Soule Work Previously?

Drew Soule worked at Northrop Grumman and was a member of the Muscular Dystrophy Association from 2002 to 2012.

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