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Chris Simon’s Journey: Support from His Parents Transformed His Life and Career

When Chris Simon was just 19 years old, his parents saved him and his career from alcohol addiction. 

Chris Simon started playing hockey at quite a young age but grew up in a close community in Wawa, Ontario. 

Key Takeaways

  • Chris Simon’s parents played a crucial role in saving him from alcohol addiction at the age of 19.
  • Through overcoming addiction, Simon developed a newfound appreciation for his family, community, and heritage, bonding closely with his parents and grandparents.
  • Simon has a mixed ethnicity, with Indigenous Ojibwe heritage from his father’s side and European ancestry from his mother’s side.

However, due to his exceptional skills, he was called to play junior ice hockey at 16 in Ottawa. 

During that time, he hung out with the older players, and while accompanying them, he picked up the habit of drinking. 

Due to this habit, he got into much trouble in and out of the rink. It seemed like, at the age of 19, his career was over. 

Fortunately, he had support from his parents and his then-coach, who took him to rehabilitation and revived him and his career. 

Chris Simon Got Closer To His Parents And Grandparents After Being Sober

While overcoming his addiction, the talented young man started getting close to his father (John Simon), mother (Linda Simon), and Grandfather (Alfie Simon). 

He had found a new appreciation for his community and his heritage. 

With his close friend, Ted Nolan, he would talk for hours about spirituality and nature. He had developed a new hobby for himself, fishing. 

While playing, he became more dedicated but went to his hometown during his off days. 

While in Wawa, he would go to the woods with his grandfather. Sometimes, they would also go fishing and canoeing. 

In the closed environment of the provincial park, without access to roads or vehicles, they would wander around for five to six hours. 

Sometimes they used to go camping and fishing for up to a week. His grandfather would cook Simon’s favorite fish stew. 

While discussing those times, Simon shared that he promised his mother they would return at midnight.

Like every mother, Simon’s mother worried about his travels, and sometimes, when he arrived late, she panicked.

From his family, Simon had learned to be a skilled fisherman. He even taught those skills to his then-girlfriend Valerie

Chris Simon Had A Mixed Ethnicity

Now you know that Chris’s parents taught him survival skills, but did you know his father has a lineage from the Ojibwe people

Ojibwe culture and traditions are deeply rooted in their way of life and spirituality.

Traditional practices such as powwows, drumming, and storytelling are still prevalent in many Ojibwa communities.

It was the same practices that helped him get out of his addictions.

On the other hand, Chris’s mother is white and has roots in the European Ancestry

As he pursued a career in ice hockey, he carried with him the legacy of his Indigenous ancestors while embracing the opportunities afforded by his European heritage.


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Sadly, Chris Simon is no longer with us. Still, his story, from addiction to survival to connecting back to his roots, will forever motivate the people who are having issues with addiction.  


Who Was Chris Simon?

Chris Simon was a former professional ice hockey player known for his physical style of play and enforcer role in the NHL. He played as a left winger for various teams over his 15-year career.

What Teams Did Chris Simon Play For In The NHL?

Chris Simon played for seven NHL franchises, including the Quebec Nordiques/Colorado Avalanche, Washington Capitals, Calgary Flames, New York Islanders, Chicago Blackhawks, New York Rangers, and Minnesota Wild.

What Were Some Highlights Of Chris Simon’s NHL Career?

Chris Simon played 782 career NHL games, scoring 144 goals and 305 points. He also amassed 1,824 career penalty minutes. Simon won the Stanley Cup with the Colorado Avalanche in 1996.

What Were Some Notable Incidents In Chris Simon’s Career?

Chris Simon was suspended several times throughout his career, including a 30-game suspension for stomping on the back of Jarkko Ruutu’s leg and a 25-game suspension for a two-handed swing into Ryan Hollweg’s face.

What Did Chris Simon Do After His NHL Career?

Following his final NHL season in 2008, Chris played in Russia’s Kontinental Hockey League (KHL) for six seasons. He played for various KHL teams, including Chekhov Vityaz, Moscow Dynamo, and Novokuznetsk Metallurg.



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