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Peter Bleksley Wife Sarah Jane Bleksley Is A Medical Practitioner

Back in 2018, Peter Bleksley introduced her wife, Sarah, to the public via his Twitter handle. He wrote a sweet caption with the picture attached to it.

He shared the photo with pride and said he is lucky to have her support him in every step of his life.

Key Takeaways

  • Peter Bleksley’s wife Sarah used to work as the director at Cargreen Yacht Club Limited.
  • Peter and Sarah have the eldest son, who is 36 years old as of 2024.
  • Sarah is currently working as a Medical Practitioner.

Peter is best known as an author, broadcaster, and commentator. He is also the former Scotland Yard undercover.

Moreover, Peter was also the former Head of the Counter Terrorism Command for the City of London Police, which was featured in the television series Hunted.

Peter is also a social media-friendly guy who updates about his professional achievements and his cases on his Instagram and Twitter.

Peter Bleksley Wife Sarah Jane Bleksley Is His Proud Woman

Sarah Bleksley, also known by her full name of Sarah Jane Bleksley, was born in February 1958 in the United Kingdom. She is British by nationality, and as of 2024, she is 66 years old. 

Moreover, her correspondence address is Pool Park, Eastcott St Dominick, Saltash Cornwall, PL12 6TU.

She previously worked as the director at Cargreen Yacht Club Limited, where she was appointed on May 7, 2004. After serving as director, she resigned on December 2, 2006.

Currently, she is working as a Medical Practitioner. Sarah and Peter are currently living in London. 

Peter introduced his wife to the public via his Twitter. On August 27, he took his Twitter and shared a beautiful photo with his lovely wife and captioned it,

Dear all, it is with great pride that i introduce to my amazing wife sarah. we’re off to a posh do!

He shared a photo with pride, and he and his wife seems to enjoy their time together.

Peter Bleksley And Sarah Jane Bleksley Enjoys Their Time With His Son

As Peter shares most of his professional talk on his social media handle, he doesn’t miss any chance to share about his personal life, too.

Peter seems to have a good bond with his eldest son. He has made a couple of posts with him in which he seems to miss him as he is always far from him.

Peter, on the other hand, has yet to reveal his son’s name. On January 4, 2018, Peter shared a picture with his eldest son on his birthday.

Moreover, on April 10, 2020, he shared a beautiful photo with his son, saying how much he missed him. He captioned the photo,

how’s this for an idea? why dont we post a picture of a loved one that we are desperately missing, and who we really want to be with. this may remind is that if everybody stas at home, we will be with them sooner rather than later. here’s my eldest son.


How long has Peter Bleksley been active as an author and broadcaster?

Peter Bleksley started working as an author and broadcaster in April 2000. He has been active in the field for over 24 years.

Where did Peter Bleksley do his education?

Peter Bleksley went to Erith School for his education from 1971 to 1976.

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