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Who Is Danny Kennedy Wife Karen Kennedy? Kids And Family Details

Former Ulster Unionist Party chairman Danny Kennedy has been happily married to his wife, Karen Kennedy, for nearly three decades.

The Northern Irish Unionist politician’s wife is an educator by profession. In addition to a blissful marital life, the Kennedy couple are also parents of three grown-up kids.

Danny and Karen Kennedy’s son, Philip Kennedy, got married to DUP leader Sir Jeffrey Donaldson’s daughter, Laura, a nurse, in June 2021.

Key Takeaways

  • The Northern Irish unionist politician Danny Kennedy shares a blissful marital life with his wife of over three decades, Keren Kennedy.
  • The politician’s wife, Karen, worked as an English teacher at Markethill High School.
  • The Kennedy couple is proud parents of three grown-up kids, two sons, Stephen and Philip, and one daughter, Hannah.

Who Is Danny Kennedy Wife Karen Kennedy?

Former UUP chairman Danny Kennedy’s wife, Karen Kennedy, is a former high school teacher.

In an interview with the Belfast Telegraph in August 2002, Danny revealed that his wife, Karen, taught English at Markethill High School. It is likely that she has retired from her job.

The politician jokingly said his wife kept an eye on his gammer because of her profession.

In addition, he revealed that he bought books almost to the despair of his wife, who is aware that he will never have time to read them.

Mr. Kennedy also added that he couldn’t join a library and he’d hate to return the books back.

It is clear that Danny and his spouse, Karen, have a relationship filled with mutual respect and understanding.

Despite their different professions, they seem to influence each other in their daily lives.

Danny’s love for books, although it causes some despair for Karen, shows a shared understanding and acceptance of each other’s passions.

The married duo navigate their differences with grace due to this their marriage has been standing for over three decades.

Meet Danny Kennedy Kids Stephen, Philip, And Hannah

Danny and Karen Kennedy entered into parenthood in 1990 with the birth of their first child, Stephen Kennedy.

The Kennedy family grew with the addition of Philip in 1993 and Hannah in 1998. They also have a few grandkids.

In a 2002 interview with the Belfast Telegraph, Danny shared some insights into their family life.

He revealed that his sons, Stephen and Philip, had inherited his passion for football, albeit supporting different teams.

Philip, like Danny, is an Arsenal fan, while Stephen roots for Manchester United.

As the children grew up, they embarked on their own paths. Philip, for instance, dedicated himself to youth work and is now a full-time youth worker.

In addition, Philip Kennedy is also the son-in-law of Sir Jeffrey Donaldson.

Philip married Laura, the daughter of Sir Jeffrey Donaldson, who is a nurse by profession.

As for Stephen and Hannah, specific details about their careers are not readily available.

However, given their upbringing in a family that values independence and personal growth, it’s safe to assume that they are leading fulfilling lives in their chosen fields, much like their brother Philip.

In conclusion, the Kennedy siblings, raised in a nurturing environment, have grown into independent individuals, each carving out their own path in life.

We wish Danny Kennedy and his family, his wife and kids, a continued prosperity and happiness in the coming days.


Danny Kennedy’s Family Background?

He was born in the village of Bessbrook, the youngest of seven children. They lived not far from the local Orange Hall.

Is Lauara Donaldson Related To Danny Kennedy?

Yes. Sir Jeffrey Donaldson’s daughter, Laura Donaldson, is the daughter-in-law of Danny Kennedy as she is married to the politician’s second son, Philip Kennedy.


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