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Where Is Rachel Horne Going After Leaving Virgin Radio? Sprinkled Hint About New Job

Listeners to The Chris Evans Breakfast Show will miss their favorite’s voice. Rachel Horne, the co-host and newsreader of the show, recently announced her departure from the team.

People now wonder where Rachel will go after leaving the show. They wonder if she will take a break from her career and focus on her personal life.

Key Takeaways

  • Rachel Horne gave a hint to her listeners that, hopefully, they may listen to her soon.
  • Rachel had written her farewell speech for her team and read it while on air.
  • Rachel also thanked her listeners for how grateful she is towards them and for making her who she is today.

Moreover, people are also relating her leaving the show to her past diseases, as Rachel was diagnosed with MS. However, she has not told that she is leaving the show because of her health problem.

Rachel Horne, known by her full name of Rachel Gibson, is a renowned Northern Irish newsreader and journalist.

She kicked off her career with the BBC children’s news program Newsround in the year 2002.

But she started to get known by voice after she joined as a breakfast show newsreader at Virgin Radio UK.

Where Is Rachel Horne Going After Leaving Virgin Radio?

Rachel Horne is leaving Virgin Radio. The co-host and newsreader at Virgin Radio announced that she is stepping down from the team, and her last day on the show will be 28th March.

Making the exclusive announcement with a very heavy and emotional heart. She had already made a farewell speech which she read it on air.

She said,

i am very sad to say that this is my last day on the show.

She expressed how her five years with the team has made a better self and how their bonding has been important in her life.

She continued to say that she loved her team despite the 4 am alarm that used to wake her up very early. She also told how precious were those peaceful morning.

Rachel told how her different roles of being wife, mom, sister, and friend are very important for her as they have shaped her every corner of her life. She said that all her roles are central to who she is today.


She continued and said she is also a big fan of the “Work Rachel” and said she is knowledgeable, funny, and loves a bright color.

From making the headlines on the important stories even when the news used to be difficult to blend with a family breakfast show, she pulled off the juggle while working there.

She also stated that,

over the last 5 years you have been a huge part of my life. i won’t name names because i’ll either forget someone or i will cry and you know who you are and thank you.

All the things said she didn’t open where she will be going after she will be living Virgin Radio UK.

Rachel Horne Gave Hint About Her Joining The New Team

Rachel Horne had a small session of nearly three minutes on air with her team with her farewell speech. While ending the speech, she sparkled a hint about her joining a new team.

But she didn’t fully tell when and where she will be joining soon. She thanked her viewers and listeners and cleverly said they may be listening to her very soon.


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She said,

its all been for you the listeners. You’re brilliant, you’re hilarious, you’re honest, you’re dedicated and it has been absolute provilege to serve you everyday i’ve been on this show. Thank you for your time your evergy your input. Hopefully you’ll hear me again soon. Until then make a good choices. 


When did Rachel Horne join Virgin Radio?

Rachel Horne joined Virgin Radio UK in January 2019 as a breakfast show newsreader.

Is Rachel Horne diagnosed with MS?

Back in 2009, Rachel opened up that she had been diagnosed with MS when she was 43 years old. Moreover, she has also co-authored a detailed article about the disease.

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