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Roz Varon Divorce News: Where Is Her Husband Glenn Kedzie? Marriage And Kids

“Marriage is not easy. It takes a lot of commitment, sacrifies, and compromise to make a marital bond last. But when you find the right person, it’s worth all the blood sweat, and tears,” admits Ron Varon.

And Roz Varon has found the right person, her husband, Glenn Kedzie, with whom she has been married for two decades.

The departing ABC official Roz Varon’s husband loves and cares for her, and has been by her side no matter what.

Key Takeaways

  • Roz Varon’s divorce news, which has been trending online isn’t true.
  • The renowned television personality has been married to Glenn Kedzie since June 2005, and their marriage is still going strong.
  • The Varon-Kedzie couple have been together for two decades and have shared several ups and downs throughout their journey.

Roz Varon Divorce News: Where Is Her Husband Glenn Kedzie?

Roz Varon has not divorced her husband of two decades, Gleen Kedzie. Contrary to the rumors circulating around, the smitten couple is still together.

The couple got married on 11 June 2024. Moreover, fans of the ABC News official might know she regularly updates her personal and professional life on her instagram account.


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She has shared several pictures of her husband, children, and lovely furry friends (dogs and cats).

This all shows that Varon is still happily married to Glenn and their relationship isn’t on shaky ground.

Furthermore, the American journalist and her husband have been through several ups and downs.  The couple stayed by each other’s side through all the rough patches.

Particularly, Ron Varon’s husband has been her rock through rough patches. Shortly after their 1st anniversary, the journalist was diagnosed with Stage 4 Breast Cancer.

Glenn stood by her every step of the way, accompanying her to every oncologist appointment, and according to Varon, did that for over a decade.

Nevertheless, Roz Varon, who recently announced her retirement, is still married to her husband, Glenn Kedzie, and the lovely duo live in Chicago.

Roz Varon Shares A Grown-Up Daughter With Glenn Kedzie

Roz Varon Shares Two Grown-Up Kids With Glenn Kedzie

Roz Varon and her husband Glenn Varon are the proud parents of one daughter, Sara, who has grown up and leading a wonderful life.

Sara lives in New Mexico With her boyfriend. The journalist’s daughter moved to the new city in January 2024.

When Sara and her boyfriend decided to move to New Mexico, Varon shared her thoughts and feelings on her website, detailing how she felt when her daughter moved.


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The journalist accompanied her daughter, and daughter’s boyfriend when they moved. The trio drove two cars from Chicago to Kansas City, Kansas City to Amarillo, and Amarillo to ABQ.

“Now that Sara is settled in her new home in New Mexico, another parenting quote comes to mind—the pain of letting go is something a mother can never anticipate,” Roz wrote on her website.

“It’s like taking out a piece of your heart (it could be worse). She could be overseas, many thousands of miles away. ABQ is only a 2 1/2 hour flight away; those miles will add up very quickly!” the journalist added.


Is Roz Varon Retiring?

Yes. Roz Varon, who has been working with ABC7Chicago for over 35 years, has decided to retire from her role in the station.

Roz Varon Health: Is She Facing Any Health Issue?

Varon, who won a battle with stage four breast cancer, doesn’t seem to be facing any serious health issues now.

Roz Varon Age: How Old Is She?

The journalist was born on 26 November 1959 and she is 64 years old as of 2024

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