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Meet Robbie Amell Sister Jamie Amell – Does He Have Brother As Well?

Robbie Amell’s sister, Jamie Amell, is a retail manager by profession, contributing her talents beyond the realm of entertainment.

Robbie Amell is a prominent Canadian-American actor and producer. He has captivated audiences with his diverse roles in television and film. 

He is renowned for his performances in popular series such as “The Tomorrow People” and “The Flash.” He has also appeared in various films, including “Scooby-Doo! The Mystery Begins” and “The Babysitter.” 

Amell’s talent and versatility have earned him widespread acclaim. However, beyond his professional endeavors, Robbie Amell’s family life also drew significant interest. 

In particular, his sister Jamie Amell, and his cousin Stephen Amell offer intriguing insights into his personal background and upbringing.

Meet Robbie Amell Sister Jamie Amell 

Jamie Amell, the sister of Robbie Amell, is recognized not only for her familial connection to the renowned actor but also for her own professional endeavors. 

Robbie Amell Sister
As children, Jamie and her brother Robbie embarked on their acting journey together, appearing in commercials side by side. (Source: celebspodium)

Jamie embarked on a career in acting and modeling at a young age, often appearing in commercials during her childhood. She was born and raised in Canada alongside her brother Robbie.

Despite her early involvement in the entertainment industry, Jamie eventually transitioned into a different field and currently works as a retail manager. 

She is married to her husband Billy Burke, an assistant coach for the Niagara IceDogs hockey team. Jamie leads a fulfilling life, raising two sons with her loving partner.

Jamie’s past involvement in acting and modeling has contributed to her diverse experiences. However, her primary focus has shifted to her role as a retail manager and devoted mother. 

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The specific details regarding Jamie’s net worth remain undisclosed. His brother Robbie Amell has achieved considerable success in his acting career.

Does Robbie Amell Have A Brother As Well?

While Robbie Amell does not have a biological brother, he shares a unique and close relationship with his cousin Stephen Amell.

Robbie Amell Sister
Although Robbie Amell isn’t Stephen Amell’s brother, they share a close bond as cousins and friends. (Source: Pinterest)

Despite not being siblings by birth, Robbie and Stephen’s bond is akin to that of brothers. It is cultivated through shared experiences and a mutual passion for acting. 

Growing up together, the cousins developed a deep connection, often collaborating both personally and professionally. Their strong bond extends beyond familial ties.

They support and inspire each other in their respective careers. From sharing acting tips to embarking on joint projects, Robbie and Stephen exemplify the essence of brotherhood.

They have been demonstrating a profound sense of camaraderie and loyalty.

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Robbie Amell’s relationship with his cousin Stephen Amell has been instrumental in shaping his personal and professional journey. 

Robbie Amell Family Details Explored: His Origin

Robbie Amell hails from a family deeply rooted in the entertainment industry, with his origins tracing back to Canada.

Robbie is the son of Josephine “Jo” Burden and Robert Patrick “Rob” Amell III. His father and mother both work in the custom jewelry business.

This reflects a diverse background that extends beyond the realm of acting. His family is involved in a different industry.

However, Robbie found his passion for acting at an early age and pursued it with unwavering determination. The Amell family tree boasts another prominent figure in the entertainment world, Robbie’s cousin Stephen Amell. 

Stephen is a Canadian actor best known for his portrayal of Oliver Queen in the popular CW series “Arrow.” Robbie and Stephen’s close relationship transcends familial ties.

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This embodies a bond characterized by mutual support and camaraderie. 

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