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Keith Miller Death Cause And Obituary: How Did Former Buff Die?

The death of former Colorado Buffaloes player Keith Miller III has been confirmed. Keith was an uprising face in football, as he played wide receiver.

Keith Miller was even tabbed as the top 150 wide receiver nationally on ESPN. He was also marked as a top 121 player from Texas.

Key Takeaways

  • Keith Miller’s Instagram comments section is filled with shocking reactions after they knew he had passed away.
  • One of the comments on Keith Miller’s photo reveals his death cause, but his family or any officials have not confirmed it.
  • Keith used to play basketball for this college team before playing football.

The Texas player news has devasted all his fans, friends, and family. The 23-year-old talented receiver was known for his calm and funny behavior in his group.

Moreover, his cousin Mike Sherrard is also one of the most renowned wide receivers at UCLA and has played over 10 seasons in the NFL for the 49ers, Cowboys, Giants, and Broncos.

Former Colorado Buffaloes Keith Miller Death Cause And Obituary; Instagram Comment Discuss About The Cause

Keith Miller was found dead on 11th April 2024. His family members or officials have not revealed either his location, time or Keith Miller’s death cause. 

Though his family members have yet to announce his death news to the public, his Instagram comment section is filled with people pouring tribute on his death.

Jerand Bradley, a famous American football player, commented in one of his photos after he heard the news of his passing away. He commented with a heartbroken emoji.

Keith Miller Death Cause
Keith Miller’s comment section suggests how he died, but it has not been confirmed yet. Photo Source (Instagram)


However, one of the Instagram users commented about how he died. vrtua1sinz, commented,

he shot his self.

Replying to the question How do you know about that from another user, he continued and replied,

my friends sister is his gf and they were on ft when we did it

However, as it has not been official if he really shot himself, we can’t jump to the conclusion about it.

Officials soon may drop the proper news about the former Buff player Keith Miller’s death cause. 

Till then, we have to respect the silence of his family they are putting into it of not sharing his death cause out to the public.


What was the Keith Miller career highlight?

While playing as a senior, Keith Miller was named a first-team All-6A Region 1 District 5 after he caught nine touchdowns with a long of 84 and 54 passes for 828 years.

Was Keith Miller active in other sports?

Yes, Keith Miller also used to play basketball and had an official stats table for it, too. He played for his college team, The Colony, where he averaged 4.0 rebounds, 10.7 points, and 2.0 assists per game on the hardwood.

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