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Josh Rowsey Death Cause: What Happened To Hip-Hop Artist? Obituary

Tragic news! Josh Rowsey death news has been confirmed. The young man was a recording artist, actor, and writer.

Joshua “Rowdy” Rowsey was an artist with a deep passion for hip-hop. He used it as a tool to teach, redress injustice, and heal.

The underground North Carolina recording artist founded the national hip-hop collective No9to5 Music. He honed his musical skills at the University of North Carolina.

Key Takeaways:

  • Josh Rowsey tragically passed away in April 2024. His social media is abuzz with tributes and condolences.
  • Josh Rowsey prospered as an artist at the University of North Carolina. He also founded a hip-hop collective.
  • The late North Carolina recording artist worked in insurance firm before leaving everything to pursue a music career in NC.

There, he founded the UNC-Chapel Hill Cypher, which received an Indy Week Award nomination for Best Place to Listen to Hip Hop in the Triangle.

Rowsey was also featured on Indy Week, DJ Booth, and NPR. He has collaborated and shared the stage with many artists.

What Was Josh Rowsey Death Cause?

Kevin Joshua Rowsey Jr has passed away. It’s unknown what caused his demise, but the North Carolina hip-hop community is mourning the loss of such a talented gem.

The news of Rowsey is yet to be covered by mainstream media. Hopefully, they will soon reveal whether his demise was linked to an illness or an unfortunate accident.

Josh Rowsey was a legend who made it his mission to cultivate a thriving hip-hop culture in NC. He was a multitalented man with his toes dipped in writing, acting, singing, and more.

Rowsey graduated from the Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages program in 2019. As part of the TESOL program, he served as a US cultural ambassador in Mexico.

Josh Rowdy Rowsey Wikipedia: How Did It All Start For The Artist?

For Rowdy Roswey, it all started with poetry. He found his true calling for hip-hop and fell in love with performing only at UNC.

From there onwards, there was no going back. Josh founded a hip-hop collective, recorded his first mixtape, and spearheaded a hip-hop tradition of freestyling through the UNC Cypher.


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After graduating, the late artist moved to New York City and began working as an insurance analyst at Chubb Insurance. There, he saw how white power structures were profiting from Black hip-hop culture.

I saw how much they were making off hip-hop and R&B—off their urban categories, their Black music categories.

The largest profit margins in the industry are generated by Black music, but those reaping the benefits aren’t people that look like me; they aren’t part of hip-hop culture.

Fed up by this, Josh returned to North Carolina and began working in the local music scene. He initially interned at a comedy theater, joined free improv classes, and camped outside the local music venues.

Rowsey’s hardships eventually saw him emerging as a hip-hop artist under the stage name Rowdy. He released his first album, The Return of Black Wall Street, in 2017.

Later, Josh worked as an ESL teacher at Guilford County School and as an executive director at The Blackspace.

Unfortunately, the all-rounder guy with such a massive potential passed away in April 2024. Long live the legend! May he rest in peace.


Was Josh Rowsey In A Ted Talk?

Josh Rowsey delivered a speech on The World Is Yours: The Importance of Hip Hop Culture in a Ted Talk in 2016.

Where Was Josh Rowsey From?

The late North Carolina recording artist grew up in Durham. He was enrolled in his hometown’s private school, Cary Academy.

Who Are Josh Rowsey’s Parents?

Josh Rowsey was born to his father, Kevin Rowsey, and his mother.

Was Josh Rowsey Dating Anyone?

It’s unknown who Josh Rowsey’s girlfriend was or if he was dating anyone.

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