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Jim Scoutten Wikipedia And Age: Remembering USA Shooting Legend Death

Jim Scoutten is the late television host who co-hosted the Shooting USA. He flaunted the extensive experience of three decades in the shooting sports and firearms industry.

During his successful career, the late American TV host Jim played an essential role in documenting and promoting several sports disciplines.

Jim remained one of the sport’s most familiar faces, thanks to his three decades of experience hosting shooting sports and firearms industry TV programming.

Key Takeaways

  • Jim Scoutten was one of the celebrated co-hosts of the Outdoor Channel’s Shooting USA. He became “America’s Most Watched Firearms Reporter” for three decades.
  • The late American TV host Jim, born in 1946, passed away at 77. Outdoor Sports Group spread the news through its social platforms.
  • Jim began his career as a news reporter for All News Radio. Eventually, he shifted his forte to shooting sports.

Jim Scoutten Wikipedia Search Surged Following His Demise

Jim Scoutten was one of the celebrated co-hosts of the Outdoor Channel’s Shooting USA for three decades.

Jim Scoutten, a notable figure in the shooting sports sector, died at 77. He was born in Franklin, Tennessee, in 1946.

He was the most-watched firearms reporter in America, presenting the stories of Firearms Industry and Shooting Sports.

Outdoor Sports Group broke the exclusive news of his demise through their social media platforms and website.

Likewise, Jim Scoutten Shooting USA’s Facebook page penned,’

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Jim Scoutten.
In his thirty years of reporting the shooting sports, Jim played a pivotal role in the industry and will be greatly missed.

Mitch Petrie, the Vice President of programming for Outdoor Sportsman Group Networks, stated on his demise,’

He left a strong legacy as a tireless defender of shooting, firearms, and our Second Amendment rights

At the beginning of his career, Jim was a reporter for All News Radio. After graduating from broadcasting school, he quickly started his career with TV news.

Jim was a Special Interest Reporter in the early 1990s, covering topics such as motorsports. Later, he switched to shooting sports when the opportunity came his way.

Jim Scoutte’s Son John Scoutte Followed His Footsteps

John Scoutte followed Jim’s enduring legacy with him, immersing himself in television and broadcast journalism like his father.

He now maintains the family tradition by serving as a producer, host, and competitive shooter for America’s Most Watched Firearms Show.

Deeply influenced by his father, John spent every Friday night at a TV news station watching Jim host the 10 o’clock news.

In 2018, after his 25th year of shooting sports broadcasting, Jim was inducted into Garry Mason’s Legends of the Outdoors Hall of Fame.

Let alone Jim, John, his son, was also inducted into the same honor in 2019 that he had bagged in 2018. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How did Jim Scoutte pass away?

Jim Scoutte passed away from a brief illness. However, the precise details surrounding the cause of his demise remain away from the limelight to this date. The entire shooting community was shocked to learn the news of his demise.

How many children did Jim Scoutte have?

The detailed information about the late TV host Jim’s children is unknown. However, we do know Jim Scoutte is his eldest son. He kept details about his personal life away from the media scrutiny.

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