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Is Noah Galvin Leaving The Good Doctor Cast? Career Details

“The Good Doctor” shocks viewers as Noah Galvin’s main character unexpectedly dies. Fans wonder if he’ll leave the show after his character’s demise.

Noah Galvin, an American actor and singer, is known for his roles on TV and stage.

Key Takeaways

  • The Good Doctor” surprises fans as Noah Galvin’s character dies, sparking speculation about his departure from the show.
  • Recent reports hint at Galvin’s exit from “The Good Doctor,” but he’s slated for a guest role in Season 7, despite his character’s demise.
  • Galvin’s career spans TV, Broadway, and film, showcasing his versatility. From starring in productions to co-writing and starring in films, he’s left a mark in entertainment.

He is best recognized as Dr. Asher Wolke in The Good Doctor and for his part as Kenny O’Neal in The Real O’Neals sitcom.

Galvin also briefly took on the lead role in the musical Dear Evan Hansen on Broadway. Apart from acting, he’s made waves in theater, originating characters like the Duchess in Alice by Heart.

He has also showcased his singing talent, featuring in the Goosebumps musical adaptation.

Galvin’s work has earned him awards, like the IRIS competition Award for “Best Reality Breakout Performance.”

Is Noah Galvin Leaving The Good Doctor Cast?

Recent reports have sparked rumors about Noah Galvin departing from “The Good Doctor” after portraying Dr. Asher Wolke for multiple seasons.

However, the truth is a bit different. In April 2024, it was indeed announced that Galvin would be leaving the show, but not permanently.

Instead, he’s set to make a guest appearance in Season 7, though the duration and role are yet to be confirmed. 

In a shocking turn of events, the character of Dr. Asher Wolke met a tragic fate in the final season.

Spoiler alert: In a heartbreaking twist, Dr. Wolke was brutally attacked in an antisemitic incident, leading to his untimely death.

This development might be the cause of concern among fans regarding Galvin’s departure from the show, even though it’s uncertain if he’ll be permanently leaving or not. 

Although there will be no ongoing Dr. Wolke role, there’s a possibility of his character appearing in flashback moments, adding depth to the storyline.

Noah Galvin Career Details

Noah Galvin’s career has been a journey through different stages of entertainment. It all started with his role in The Real O’Neals, a TV show that sadly ended in 2017.

But even before that, he was making waves off-Broadway, showing off his talent in respected theaters.


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In 2017, he got his big break on Broadway, stepping into the lead role in Dear Evan Hansen for a while. It was a brief stint, but it left a mark.

Soon after, he transitioned to the big screen, joining the cast of Booksmart, a film by Olivia Wilde.

But Noah didn’t stop there. He returned to Broadway in Waitress and even lent his voice to audiobooks and podcasts.

Then, in 2020, he made his way to TV screens, joining The Good Doctor as Dr. Asher Wolke.

His time on the show was memorable, especially as he became a regular cast member.

Beyond acting, Noah explored his creative side by co-writing and starring in the musical comedy film Theater Camp.

In December 2022, he brought joy to audiences in Meet Cute’s Christmasuzannukkah, showing just how versatile he is as an actor.


1. Is Noah Galvin openly gay?

Yes, Galvin is openly gay and has been in a relationship with actor Ben Platt since 2020, navigating the challenges of balancing their careers and relationship.

2. Did Noah Galvin receive any recognition for his role?

Yes, for his portrayal of Glenn Winthrop, Galvin received a Best Supporting Performance nomination at the 39th Independent Spirit Awards.

3. How old is Noah Galvin?

Noah Galvin was born on May 6, 1994, making him 29 years old as of 2024.

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