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Is Jaded London Fast Fashion Brand – What Is Their Business Model?

Jaded London has been making waves in the online fashion market for some time but has also been claimed to be a Fast Fashion Brand.

Their collection of eye-catching products has led to the trend of clothes and has made them a go-to brand for fashion enthusiasts.

Their knack for providing a high-quality product at a reasonable price has surely benefited to their growth in a matter of years.

Here, we’ll go over some of the crucial findings about this British brand, as well as what netizens are searching for about this brand.

What is Jaded London?

Jaded London, an online store, has been serving in the B2C space in the retail market and sells multi-category fashionable products for both men and women, including makeup tools, watches, shoes, sunglasses, and more on the list.

Though they operate in London, they deliver the product worldwide. Jaded proclaimed that they are an independent and small brand that produces eye-captivating, trendy clothes for men and women at very reasonable prices.

Grant and Jade Goulden are the founders of Jade London. Picture Credit: bravemoode.com

Unfortunately, this fashion house has been accused of being a fast fashion brand because it produces designs without crediting the original creators. Brands need to prioritize sustainability and ethical practices in the fashion industry.

Who Founded Jaded London?

This British virtual store was founded by a sibling named Grant and Jade Goulden in 2013. It operates from London, United Kingdom.  

While they launched their product, they befriended several celebrities and hotel concierges so that they could gift their products to the stars while on a visit to London.

Where are they Operating From?

Though their online store operates from London, several factories produce their garment product in China, Morocco, and Turkey.

Due to this, they are claimed to be a fast fashion brand as they claim to have low-priced stylish clothing that sells quickly from designers to retail stores.

Is Jaded Fast Fashion Brand Ethical?

Interestingly, Jaded London’s strategy of drawing inspiration from emerging designers has helped them maintain their popularity. 

However, this approach can also be a double-edged sword as fashion trends are constantly changing, and having a clear artistic direction can help the brand’s growth in the long run.

Several of the items from the most recent Sydney Carlson X Jaded London collaboration mimic the designs of small, independent businesses. 

Sydney Carlson posing for a picture wearing the Jaded London brand clothes. Picture Credit: vmagazine.com

It clearly showed that the two clothing pieces, “Two-Face Tee” and “Tittie Tee,” were very similar to another independent brand, “Girls Girls Girls,” which is owned by the Leeds student Grace Miller.

Apart from the collaboration with Sydney Carlson, their other numerous products have been influenced by smaller brands.

Even if these are less visible, inspiration is undoubtedly being used, as well as blatant exploitation of the inventiveness of smaller brands.

The Hosberg and Jaded pants are similar, while Jaded’s Velocity line of tops with printed eyeballs is a tribute to the OffKut brand. 

The brand’s popularity has remained consistent because Jaded takes inspiration from rising designers.

Although Jaded takes immense pride in its ability to stay up to date, this works against the brand as there is no art direction since trends change frequently.

This highlights two key concerns about ethical fashion and Sustainable Shopping: “Will it endure the test of time?” and “Do you buy the products, or do you just like it because it is trendy?” 

Additionally, although Jaded has stated that they are making minor modifications to become more sustainable, several small and independent firms already care about sustainability and offer comparable products.

YouTube Review on the Brand: “DO NOT BUY FROM THIS BRAND”

A YouTube channel named “ashtonthatskinnyboi” reviewed the products this brand provides its customers. The YouTuber was seen as nothing but frustrated the whole video.

In addition to criticizing how poorly they are producing their clothes, he brought up the issue of child labor considering their factories are set up in Turkey, Morocco, and China. He spoke about the poor quality and outrageous costs of their products.

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