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Is Abu Kamara Related To Chris Kamara? Family And Ethnicity

Is Abu Kamara related to Chris Kamara? They share the same last name and are involved in Football; the two prominent figures’ relationship has been the interest of the netizens.

Abu is a striker for EFL League One club Portsmouth, on loan from Norwich City, whereas Chris is an English former professional footballer and manager.

Key Takeaways

  • Despite sharing the same surname and involvement in football, Abu Kamara and Chris Kamara are not related by blood or familial connection.
  • Both Abu and Chris have made significant contributions to football. Abu plays as a striker for clubs like Norwich City and Portsmouth, while Chris is a former footballer turned sports presenter known for his work on Sky Sports.
  • Abu Kamara’s family background includes a Sierra Leonean father and a Liberian mother, while Chris Kamara was born to a Sierra Leonean father in Middlesbrough, England. Despite their shared Sierra Leonean heritage, they come from different families and ethnic backgrounds.

Abu has also been associated with Norwich City, making his first-team debut in April 2023.

Beyond football, he has also excelled academically, representing Yale Bulldogs as a Defensive Back in college football.

Chris Kamara is a prominent football pundit known for engaging commentary and analysis.

Recently, he shared his struggle with losing his voice due to a speech disorder. Despite this challenge, Kamara remains resilient and contributes to the football community.

Is Abu Kamara Related To Chris Kamara?

Abu Kamara and Chris Kamara are not related. Even though they have the same surname, they are unrelated.

Having the same surname doesn’t always mean having a familial connection. Despite sharing the same last name, these two Footballers are not related by blood or other relations.

They hail from different families and parts of England. Not only that, but Chris and Abu also have different heritage. This further dismisses the possibility of their familial connection.


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Moreover, both Kamaras have been involved in Football for a long time.

While Chris is a former footballer and sports presenter known for his work on Sky Sports, Abu has played for Norwich City and Portsmouth.

Curiousity about their possible connection might have originated due to their surnames and involvement in the same sport.

Despite these similarities, it’s important to note that they are not related. They are two distinct individuals with their unique contributions to the sport.

Family & Ethnicity Of Abu Kamara And Chris Kamara

Abu Kamara, the footballer born in 2003, is of Sierra Leonean descent.

Abu, born in England, has a Sierra Leonean father and a Liberian mother, making him eligible to represent both Sierra Leone and Liberia in football.

His father, Unisa Kamara, is a high-court judge in Sierra Leone, while his mother is a registered nurse.


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Chris Kamara was born and raised in Middlesbrough, England, to a Sierra Leonean father, Alimamy Kindo Kamara, on Christmas Day in 1957.

His father was christened Alimamy Kindo Kamara, indicating West African heritage, suggesting Chris Kamara’s ethnicity likely includes West African ancestry.

Kamara has spoken about growing up with racism, reflecting on his mixed-race family and experiences of discrimination.

There may be confusion among people because Chris and Abu’s father are both of Sierra Leonean descent. Kamara is an African surname that is most common in Sierra Leone.

However, it’s important to note that they are not related to each other.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What controversy has Abu Kamara been associated with?

Abu Kamara was reportedly “shocked and saddened” by comments made by former Norwich Sporting Director Stuart Webber, who criticized Kamara and other Black players. The remarks sparked controversy and raised discussions about racism in football.

2. What illness has Chris Kamara faced?

Chris Kamara bravely opened up about his battle with apraxia, a neurological disorder affecting speech and coordination. His openness has raised awareness about apraxia and inspired others facing similar challenges.

3. What other ventures has Chris Kamara been involved in besides football?

Chris Kamara has showcased his versatility by creating an ultimate guide to Brazilian Portuguese for World Cup fans.

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