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George Gilbey Net Worth 2024: How Rich Was Googlebox Legend? Job And Salary

George Gilbey net worth was on the rise with his career transitioning to new horizons before his demise. The TV personality passed away on Wednesday after falling from height during his work.

The 40-year-old television personality lost his life in a tragic incident while working on the EGL Homecare site in Shoebury.

Many of you might know if as a TV personality who appeared in Gogglebox and Celebrity Big Brother, but he was also an electrical and electronics engineer.

Key Takeaways

  • Gogglebox star George Gilbey’s net worth is estimated to exceed $1 million.
  • George, the finalist of the 16th series of Celebrity Big Brother, established his company, WingG Ltd, in 2021.
  • The TV personality had a progressive career with expertise in different fields, from entertainment to electrical engineering.

George Gilbey Net Worth Exceeds $1 Million

The social influencer George Gilbey has been estimated to exceed $1 million, amassed from his hands-on Electrical Engineer experience of over a decade.

One prime source of his income was the sum accumulated from his company, WingG Ltd, which he started in January 2021, over three years ago. 

He was seen using a Silver Volkswagon pick-up, a 2024 model that costs between $50,990 and $79,990.

George and his ex-girlfriend, Gemma, shared a home in Twickenham valued under £5,000 in 2018. 


The abovementioned figures of his belongings shed light on his solid financial condition and sophisticated living style.

Similarly, his appearances in notable shows like Gogglebox and Celebrity Big Brother earned him immense popularity and a large social following across his social platforms. 

The TV personality was approachable on Instagram, with over 7K followers and significant social reach and engagement. 

Given that George had finished fourth in Celebrity Big Brother, the TV personality should’ve gained a sound sum from the show.

Celebrity Big Brother stars can earn a significant fortune considering several factors, including how much publicity they can carry to the show and more.


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Likewise, if a celebrity has recently become trending or has had a huge following even before appearing on the show, chances are they’ll earn a significant amount.

George and his family were removed from Gogglebox after he chose to participate in the 14th series of Celebrity Big Brother.

Hence, this decision likely garnered increased attention for George, potentially resulting in a higher earning potential.

Even though the influencer had been out of the limelight for a few years, his genuine prominence had ensured his fortune remained high.


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A graduate of Colchester Institute with a degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, George honed an extensive skill set with every experience.

In addition to electrical work, George displayed a broad understanding of the design and construction process and an exceptional problem-solving attitude.

His prominence in various fields, from entertainment to electrical engineering, ensured him a high sum throughout his career.

Thanks to George’s ability to leverage his skills and experience across several industries that contributed to his financial stability.

George Gilbey Had A Versatile Career Journey

George Gilbey’s career undoubtedly can be described as a professional development journey with a blend of diverse skills across multiple fields.

After graduating from Colchester Institute, his career foundation was Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

The late TV personality honed his skills through the degree and gained crucial hands-on experience, including installing domestic and commercial LV electrical systems.


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After building his technical expertise, George clearly understood the design and construction process.

Despite his extensive experience, George maintained a curious mindset and sought opportunities to learn and grow.

Likewise, George’s career was transitioning to new horizons, with him setting his sights on the offshore wind sector before his passing.


Was George Gilbey married?

No, George Gilbey wasn’t married. He shared a daughter, Amelie, with his ex-girlfriend, Gemma Conway. According to his recent Instagram post, George appeared to be in a relationship with his partner Michaela Lauren Barker.

When did George Gilbey’s stepfather pass away?

George Gilbey’s stepfather Peter McGarry, passed away in 2021 at 71. He succumbed to cancer regardless of being told he had six months to live.

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