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Exploring Lexi Bonner Wikipedia And Age: Attack Video Viral

The search for Lexi Bonner’s wikipedia rose as the internet got outraged after a video went viral where she could be seen beating up an autistic kid.

Skepticism has been expressed regarding Lexi Bonner’s age. Some say she is 14, while others suggest she is 16. 

Key Takeaways

  • Lexi Bonner has enraged the internet after her bullying video went viral, where she mercilessly beat up an autistic young boy.
  • Her age is a matter of debate. Nonetheless, she is a teenager who goes to secondary school and is too old for bullying.
  • For the sake of providing justice to the young boy, a petition has been filed against the young girl to punish and send her behind bars regardless of her age.

An autistic boy of 8 years old can be seen in the video approaching the accuser, Lexi.

The incident occurred in Gobowen Park when the young boy wanted to befriend Lexi with a playful hit.

As he was autistic, he had a slightly different approach and behavioral pattern that Lexi couldn’t comprehend.

Thus, she started hitting and kicking the boy harshly in response to his playfulness.

The boy curled up on the ground and wailed. However, Lexi didn’t stop and kept beating him up. 

The video was being shot, and everyone seemed unbothered by it; they were having fun on the other side of the camera.

Lexi Bonner Wikipedia Has Surged After She Violently Attacked A Young Boy

We don’t know Lexi’s actual age because there are varied statements, according to Twitter.

Some claim that she was born in 2010, while some suggest that 2008 is her birth year.

Thus, she either turned 14 years old or 16 years old this 2024.

Her zodiac sign is Capricorn, hinting that her birth month is December or January.

Lexi was born and raised in Leeds, United Kingdom, thus making her of British nationality.

She is most likely in secondary school, either in grade 7 or 8. However, details on her schooling have not been revealed.

The public showed intense rage toward Lexi, saying she was old enough to have kindness and sympathy toward the young boy; addressing the incident was intentional.

A petition was filed at Change.org urging her to be put behind bars despite her age, and on April 16, 2024, 7,436 signatures were received.

Sources have reported that Lexie has been under police protection since the incident. 

Lexi has permanently deactivated her TikTok account and previously mentioned the 24-hour police surveillance of her home and current location.

In addition, she took to her Tiktok and stated,

i am moving on and i plan to follow a spiritual path, dedicating my life to god

This statement depicts her remorse for her wrongdoing. 

Moreover, people are claiming the dire need for teaching about autism in educational institutions as there is a high probability that the incident occurred due to unawareness. 


When Was Lexi Bonner’s Fight Posted On Social Media? 

The video was posted on April 13, 2024, and Lexi’s identity was revealed on April 14.

What Is The Situation Of The Young Boy Now?

From the photo posted on Twitter, the boy is badly injured, and there are bruises and cuts all over his head. There are rumors that the boy has been hospitalized with a severe concussion and broken arms, wrists, and ankles.

Who Is The Other Boy In The Video Wearing Yellow Shorts? 

He is the victim’s friend who tried to pull his friend away from Lexi when he was being beaten. He tried his best but failed to protect his friend.



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