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Eric Hovde Wikipedia Bio Age Wife And Net Worth

Eric Hovde, a successful entrepreneur, financial expert, and philanthropist, combines business acumen with a passion for community development and service

Eric Hovde the CEO of Hovde Properties, a real estate development company, Hovde has demonstrated a keen understanding of the industry, overseeing various commercial and residential projects.

Additionally, he has founded and managed Hovde Financial, an investment banking firm, and Hovde Capital, an asset management company, showcasing his multifaceted expertise in finance and investments.

Beyond his business ventures, Hovde has made significant strides in philanthropy through the establishment of the Hovde Foundation, which focuses on supporting charitable organizations in the United States and globally.

Furthermore, his leadership extends to Hovde Capital Advisors LLC and Hovde Private Equity Advisors LLC, where he provides strategic guidance in investment decisions.

With his diverse background in real estate, finance, and philanthropy, Eric Hovde stands as a multifaceted figure, leaving a lasting impact on both the business and charitable landscapes.

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Eric Hovde Wikipedia, Bio, Age And Wife

Eric Hovde, an entrepreneur and philanthropist, has significantly impacted the business and charitable sectors.

With a diverse portfolio of business ventures, Hovde has demonstrated remarkable expertise in real estate development, investment banking, and asset management.

As the CEO of Hovde Properties, he has overseen numerous commercial and residential projects, showcasing his deep understanding of the real estate industry.

In addition to his business acumen, Hovde has made substantial contributions to philanthropy by establishing the Hovde Foundation.

Eric Hovde Wikipedia
Eric Hovde is planning to launch a bid for a Wisconsin U.S. Senate seat against Democratic incumbent Sen. Tammy Baldwin in the 2024 election. (Sources: pbswisconsin)

This foundation focuses on supporting charitable organizations in the United States and worldwide, reflecting Hovde’s commitment to making a positive difference in society.

Throughout his career, Hovde has also provided strategic guidance in investment decisions through his leadership roles at Hovde Financial, Hovde Capital, Hovde Capital Advisors LLC, and Hovde Private Equity Advisors LLC.

His multifaceted finance, real estate, and philanthropy expertise have solidified his reputation as a respected figure in both business and charitable circles.

Due to his political ambitions, Eric Hovde, a well-known Wisconsin banker and real estate mogul, has been in the public eye.

His wife, Sharon Hovde, has also been involved in their real estate ventures.

In 2018, the couple bought a lavish hillside estate in Laguna Beach, California, for almost $7 million, which raised eyebrows, considering that it was more than three times the price of their Madison house on Lake Mendota.

Interestingly, the Hovdes had previously owned a $2.3 million home in Washington, D.C.

However, they transferred ownership of this property to a trust managed by Eric’s brother and longtime business partner, Steven Hovde, in August.

The beneficiaries of the trust are their two daughters. Despite occasional controversies surrounding their real estate dealings, Eric and Sharon Hovde continue to be influential figures in both financial and political circles.

Eric is expected to announce his candidacy for the U.S. Senate, challenging incumbent Democratic Senator Tammy Baldwin.

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Eric Hovde Net Worth

Eric Hovde’s net worth is estimated at least $67 Million as of February 02, 2024.

He owns over 6,496 units of ePlus Inc. stock worth over $282,072 and has sold over $70,487,480 worth of PLUS stock over the last 19 years.

Eric Hovde Wikipedia
U.S. Senate candidate profile: Political newcomer Eric Hovde (Sources: fox6now)

Additionally, he earns $159,285 as an Independent Director at ePlus Inc.

Hovde is a dynamic entrepreneur who has initiated and overseen multiple business ventures.

He has served as the CEO of Hovde Properties, a real estate development company, and as the Chairman and CEO of H Bancorp LLC, a private bank holding company with operations on both the East and West coasts.

Furthermore, he is the Director, 10% Owner of Bay Bancorp Inc., and owns about 2,987,044 shares of Bay Bancorp Inc. stock worth over $40 million.

Eric Hovde’s Hovde Capital focuses on financial services companies and has an estimated $300 million in assets under management.

His charitable work through the Hovde Foundation, which focuses on supporting charitable organizations in the United States and worldwide, reflects his commitment to philanthropy and positively impacting society.

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