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Derek Alldred Daughter Name: Parents And Family Details

Con man Derek Alldred daughter who also played a significant role in the life of the victims he manipulated, seen to be involved in different family gatherings and celebrations. 

“Seduced by Evil”, is a TV movie based on the manipulations and scams of the Minnesota con man, Derek Alldred. 

Key Takeaways

  • Derek Alldred daughter played a significant role in the manipulation that made his fraud plans successful. 
  • Derek Alldred had multiple fake identities from being a doctor, firefighter, and many more.
  • Derek Alldred was sentenced to 24 years in a maximum including a compensation of $254,892.41. 

Derek Alldred daughter was an important part of his manipulative plans, as he included her in family events with the people he targeted.

However, this method created the illusion of a loving and connected family, leading victims to feel safe and trust Alldred.

By involving his daughter in these situations, Alldred portrayed himself as a family man, creating a sense of trust and intimacy with his victims.

Who Is Derek Alldred Daughter?

Although, Alldred’s daughter played a significant role in manipulating the victims, her name has not been officially disclosed. 

Further, her presence offered an appearance of trust to Alldred’s fake identities, making his false activities seem more believable.


Derek Alldred utilized a range of false personalities to abuse women and defraud them of substantial amount of money, with his daughter helping in upholding these false identities.

Alldred daughter played a crucial part in his plan of fraud, contributing to the emotional manipulation and financial exploitation of the women he targeted.

By participating in family events and outings with the victims, Alldred daughter set the illusion that he crafted, enabling him to manipulate and scam innocent individuals effectively.

Further more, her presence not only made it trust worth for the victims of Alldred but also helped on the maintaining his fraudulent plans, ultimately making him successful for the manipulation and abuse.

Where Are Derek Alldred Parents And Family Now? 

Derek Alldred’s parents are presented with little to no information in the sources that are available on the internet.

Instead, they focus on his dishonest behaviors, dishonest plans, and the harm he caused to his victims.

Likewise, sources focus on Alldred’s advanced scams, in which he played different experts to emotionally and financially abuse women. 


Further, the works show his ability to assume multiple false identities, including doctor, firefighter, and startup capitalist, to fool people he met on dating websites. 

Investigations and court cases against Alldred highlight the seriousness of his crimes and the consequences of the law for his fraudulent actions.

On December 21, 2017, he confessed to mail fraud charges and a second identity fraud charge.

As a result, the judge sentenced him to a maximum of 288 months in federal prison and ordered him to pay off $254,892.41 in punishment.


When was Derek Alldred arrested?

Derek Alldred was arrested on 21st of December, 2017.

How Old is Derek Alldred?

Derek Alldred is 47 years old.

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