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Dave Myers Children Iza and Sergiu, Wife And Family Details

David James Myers was a famous English TV presenter, who is renown as one half of the Hairy Bikers, along with his co-star Si King.

David was famously recogized for his frequent appearances on the BBC celebrity talent show Strictly Come Dancing.

Myers became a professional make-up artist, specialising in prosthetics. He met Si King in 1995 on the set of a TV drama titled The Gambling Man.

Together, Myers and King presented a number of television cookery series for the BBC. They also launched their own product called The Hairy Bikers Diet Club.

Hairy Bikers star Dave Myers demise news has devastated everyone and according to the news his beloved wife Liliana was by his side at that time.

Si King who was Dave’s co-star and best friend broke news of the Hairy Biker’s death to the public in a devastating social media statement.

From their regret over not having children to the pressure of Dave’s cancer, here’s everything we know about Dave Myers Children along with his wife and family.

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Dave Myers Children Iza and Sergiu

Myers wed Liliana Orzac in 2011; the two met in Romania while he was filming Hairy Bikers for the BBC. He had two stepchildren from Orzac’s previous relationship, Iza and Sergiu.

Dave Myers’s has once stated about his regret of not having his own blood kids. But after getting married to Liliana, he raised her two daughters, as their stepfather.

Dave Myers Children
Dave Myers used to love his step daughters. (Source: BBC)

He mentioned not having kids had been a major regret of him for a long time but he feels completed after having this ready-made family with two stepchildren when he married Lil.

The details regarding his daughters are not quite mentioned on the internet, but he has always mentioned about the delight of being a stepfather of two beautiful daughters.

After his demise, Dave is survived by his dear wife Liliana, and her daughters Iza and Sergiu as well as his co-star Si King and extended family and friends.

Dave Myers Wife And Family Details

Dave Myers was married to his wife Liliana Orzac. Dave and Liliana originally got together in 2005 while the 66-year-old star of Hairy Bikers was in Romania filming the popular show.

While Dave and Si were filming The Hairy Bikers Do Transylvania, Liliana was working as a receptionist at the hotel.

In an interview with the Express in 2013, Liliana talked about her first encounter with Dave.

“When these two enormous, hairy people entered the room, it became dark,” she remarked. Dave discussed their initial meeting with The Mirror in the interim.

Dave and Liliana began communicating virtually and exchanging letters until he persuaded her to relocate to his Barrow-in-furness house.

Dave Myers Children
Liliana had always been by her Dave’s side throughout his cancer. (Source: Mirror)

Sergiu and Iza are Liliana’s two children; Dave became their stepfather when they were married in 2011.

They got married in Barrow’s Town Hall. Dave remembered that the mayor even lent the delighted newlyweds his official limousine just for the event.

Obviously, Si was his best man. Dave said that he and Liliana had been “too drunk” for their wedding dance during their conversation with the Express.

Liliana had been by her husband’s side throughout his cancer battle. He revealed his diagnosis back in 2022.

Talking about his wife’s support, Dave previously told the MailOnline that “Human companionship and love have got him through.”

He also mentioned that he has the the most amazing life partner, Liliana, who’s been his rock every step of the way on the terrible journey of his illness.

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