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The Traveling Mermaid Trucker Calla Johnson Parents: Father Jesse Johnson And Mother

Calla Johnson family members, including her mother and sister, are devastated and shattered by her unexpected departure from this world.

The TikToker, who recently passed away, occasionally shared about her family, particularly her relationship with her late father.

Key Takeaways

  • Calla Johnson occasionally talked about her family and her relationship with her late father.
  • Calla Johnson’s relationship with her father was complex and filled with both love and struggle.
  • The famous TikTok star’s family is devastated and grappling with unimaginable pain with her sudden passing.

Calla Johnson, well known as the “Traveling Mermaid” on TikTok, was a popular content creator known for her videos showcasing her life as a truck driver.

The social media star’s sister, Veronica Johnson, broke the tragic news of her passing to her fans and followers.

In the wake of this tragic event, Calla’s fans have sent their heartfelt condolence and prayers to her family members, including her parents and siblings.

Who Are Calla Johnson Parents?

TikToker Travelling Mermaid, whose real name was Calla Johnson, hailed from Orcutt, California, United States.

The TikTok star was born to her father, Jesse Johnson, and mother, whose name has not been made public.

Calla Johnson Parents
Calla Johnson occasionally shared about her parents and family. (Image Source: The US Sun)

The 34-year-old content creator was deeply loved and admired by her family.

In the statement on the GoFundMe page, her sister, Veronica, referred her to as a beautiful angel.

Despite the challenges they faced, their bond remained strong.

Calla’s adventurous spirit and love for life were a source of joy and inspiration for her family.

Her sudden departure has left a void in their lives, but her memory continues to live on in the hearts of those who knew and loved her.

She Had A Rocky Relationship With Her Father Jesse Johnson

Calla Johnson’s father, Jesse Johnson, passed away on 25 November 2023.

On the day of her father’s memorial, Calla shared a long statement where she detailed the kind of relationship she had with her dad.

The TikTok star revealed that she had a rocky relationship with her father, especially in the last few years.

Calla Johnson Parents
Calla Johnson with her father, Jesse Johnson, when she was young. (Image Source: Facebook)

However, there was a time when Calla and her father shared nothing but love, laughter, and good times.

“He would dance and sing and be his goofy self while playing the guitar. He was an incredible storyteller and an amazing artist,” she wrote.

Furthermore, the TikTok star shared how her loving dad stayed up all night to help her make a snail costume last minute for a school play in her 2nd grade.

Jesse whistled the loudest when Calla walked across the stage to get her diploma.

Not only that the social media star’s dad would get excited about the postcards she sent him from her travels around the world and kept all of them safe.

“For most of my life, I looked up to my dad as the most honest, hard-working man I knew.”

Ms. Johnson also shared that her dad’s pain and addiction changed him, and She missed the man he was.

“And as much as I love my dad, it breaks my heart even more to say that I couldn’t even recognize my own father these last couple of years,” added Calla.

She ended her note saying, “My dad will forever be my biggest heartbreak but I will always be his little girl.” 


What Happened To Calla Johnson?

The life of Calla Johnso, aka Travelling Mermaid, was cut short on 15 March 2024. 

How Did The Travelling Mermaid Pass Away?

Her sister, Veronica, mentioned that the Johnson family is unaware of the circumstances surrounding this tragedy.

Was Calla Johnson Married?

Yes. She was married but the identity of her husband is not known. Calla once mentioned that her father cried the day he walked her down the aisle but not before making her laugh.

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