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Brooke Hil Husband: Was She Married? Family Details

Brooke Hil was a lawyer and used to work as an associate news producer. After news of Brooke Hil’s passing surfaced, people became curious about her husband.

Brooke Carrie Hil was a lawyer, journalist, and digital creator based in NYC. She was known for her presence on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter.

Key Takeaways

  • Brooke Hil married Celestino Diaz Fernandez in 2017, co-founding a successful restaurant in NYC. However, rumors of their divorce surfaced amid challenges worsened by the COVID era.
  • Brooke Hil faced mental health challenges, likely stemming from past abuse and leading to PTSD.
  • Despite her online presence, Brooke Hil kept her personal life private, rarely mentioning family or personal matters. 

Sadly, there were rumors of her passing away, supported by evidence like obituaries and posts on social media, sparking discussions among online communities

Despite her professional pursuits, she also engaged in fashion-related content, such as sharing her favorite skincare products on platforms like Instagram.

Brooke Hil Husband Celestino Diaz Fernandez

Brooke Hil married Celestino Diaz Fernandez in 2017, co-founding a Latin cuisine eatery. She was happily married and changed her last name to Diaz after marrying Celestino.

They were known for their joint venture in the restaurant business, including opening multiple locations in NYC.

She also mentioned that her husband often stays uptown, so if she gets lost, it’s usually below Fourteenth Street because she doesn’t spend much time there.

Brooke Hil husband Celestino’s culture fascinated her, and she found South America to be enchanting and warm, so there were places where she could happily explore for years.

She also mentioned that dating a Venezuelan was her best choice. But, sometimes, problems can cause relationships to break apart, unlike others where everything goes smoothly.


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On Reddit threads, it was mentioned that Brooke Hil’s marriage broke down, which is tragic.

She had been dealing with mental health issues, likely stemming from PTSD due to past abuse.

One person mentioned that her husband appeared to be a supportive figure in her life, but the challenges of the COVID era may have exacerbated their relationship problems.

Some people speculated that her cryptic social media posts hinted at an impending divorce.

It appears they did get a divorce. All their pictures were deleted, and she moved to a smaller apartment, possibly the one she was renovating as her “office.”

She didn’t follow through with several interviews and big projects.

Brooke Hil also posted on Instagram that she does not have an “Instagram husband,” indicating she may not be married or rely on a spouse for photography.

Family Life of Brooke Carrie Hil: Navigating Success Amid Personal Loss and Privacy

Brooke Carrie Hil was a lawyer, reporter, and fashion blogger who founded NoteBrooke, a personal style guide for everyday women.

She was also a children’s book author and business owner. She was born to her parents on October 2, 1987, and passed away at the age of 36.

Her family’s support may have helped her achieve this level of success.

But, even after being so active on social media previously, she never mentioned much about her family or parents online.


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It was mentioned that a single mother raised Brooke after her parents separated. Brooke’s father, Ricky Hill, passed away in 2017 at the age of 57 due to a heart attack.

When it came to her siblings, although she used to post pictures online with other girls, she never referred to them as her sisters.

Like other celebrities, she might want to keep her personal life private and out of the spotlight.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What educational background does Brooke have?

Brooke attended law school and obtained her law degree, although she ultimately did not pursue a career in law as she lacked passion for it.

2. Where is Brooke based, and what is her current profession?

Brooke was based in New York and has transitioned from law and journalism to become a prominent fashion and style blogger. She founded NoteBrooke, a personal style guide aimed at regular women, and established herself as a notable social media influencer in the fashion industry.

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