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Belinda Brewin Wikipedia And Age: Who Is Paula Yates Best Friend?

The search for Belinda Brewin Wikipedia is rising following Channel 4’s decision to screen Paula Yates’s documentary. She is a close friend of the late TV presenter Paula Yates.

Belinda Brewin was a confidante to Paula Yates, a famous British television presenter known for her work on TV programs The Big Breakfast and The Tube.

Key Takeaways

  • A close friend of late British TV personality Paula Yates, Belinda Brewin, is a writer.
  • Belinda released a book titled “Trouble Brewin: A True Story of S*x, Murder, Love, and Betrayal” on September 28, 2007.
  • She celebrates her birthday on June 26 every year. However, the details of her precise birth year are unknown.

There are several photos of the close friends walking and having sound time together. 

One instance involves Belinda walking beside Paula, her husband Bob Geldof, and her son while walking towards the high court.

They were reportedly arriving at the high court for a custody battle over their children in London, Britain, in 1998.

Likewise, Belinda and Paula were captured attending the Hutchence’s funeral in 1997.

Belinda Brewin Wikipedia Is On The Rise With The Decision To Screen Paula Yates Documentary

Belinda Brewin is a writer and internet personality who became famous as a close friend of Paula Yates, a British TV presenter.

She released a book titled Trouble Brewin: A True Story of S*x, Murder, Love, and Betrayal on September 28, 2007.

It is more than just a book for Belinda; it provides an outlook on her troubled life experiences.


Based on her looks, Belinda Brewin’s age is between 50 and 60.

She celebrates her birthday on June 6; however, details of her birth year remain unknown.

She is available on Facebook; however, the page remains almost dormant. The last update on the page is her donation to Macmillan Cancer Support in 2022.

Previously, she was religiously active on Facebook. The writer took to her social handle, expressing warm wishes for her brother’s 50th birthday in October 2017. She wrote,’


Belinda Brewin’s Tobey Brewin will turn 57 in 2024. He was born on October 16, 1967.


According to his Facebook bio, he now lives in Ban Kata, Phuket, Thailand, but is originally from Henley on Thames.

She reportedly enjoyed partying in London nightclubs and has a taste for the sophisticated life.

Paula Yates Best Friend Belinda Brewin’s Journey From Tragedy to Triumph

Belinda has led a life filled with unforgettable events that no one can imagine, even in their wildest dreams.

Everything was fine until her new employer and his family were tragically terminated. 

The sickening twist of fate came crashing into her life when the prime suspect was unfolded to be someone who claimed to have feelings for her.

Shockingly, Paula and her family’s bodies were found temporarily buried in her backyard.

Likewise, her book showcases the highs and lows of being a close friend of a renowned figure, which is often viewed as colorful.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Belinda Brewin married?

Unfortunately, it is unknown if Belinda Brewin is married. She hasn’t publicly revealed any hint about her potential love life. That said, she has a daughter named Indiana Murphy. So far, little to no information about Indiana is available online.

Is Belinda Brewin Available On Instagram?

Belinda Brewin isn’t available on Instagram. However, her profile is available on Facebook.

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