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Accused Guilty or Innocent Angel Bumpass Wikipedia And Age: Meet Her Mother Tamika Bumpass And Father

Angel Bumpass is a woman who was found guilty of felony murder and robbery charges related to the 2009 death of 68-year-old Franklin Bonner.

Bumpass was only 13 years old when she committed the heinous crime and the case turned cold as there was no substantial evidence.

Eventually a prosecutors reopened the case in 2018 and found clues that led to the conviction of Angel Bumpass in 2019.

However, Hamilton County Judge Amanda Dunn dismissed the first-degree murder and aggravated robbery convictions of Bumpass recently.

Key Takeaways

  • Angel Bumpass is a woman who has been found guilty of murdering 68-year-old Franklin Bonner in 2009.
  • She was convicted and found guilty 9 years after she committed the crime. But now a Tennessee judge has dismissed the charges against her.
  • Bumpass’ mother, Tamika Bumpass, has also been convicted in different cases and is serving in prison.

Angel Bumpass Wikipedia And Age

Angel Bumpass, a woman from Tennessee, was previously convicted for the murder and robbery of Franklin Bonner, a 68-year-old man, in 2009.

The case remained unsolved for almost ten years until Bumpass, who was 24 at the time, was linked to Bonner’s death in 2019.

Angel is also a proud mother to her kids.

The key evidence leading to her conviction was her fingerprints found on the duct tape used to bind Bonner.

Despite her conviction, Bumpass and her advocates have consistently claimed that she was wrongfully convicted.

In September 2022, she was granted a retrial after a judge identified several errors in her initial trial.

Subsequently, on August 8, 2023, Judge Amanda Dunn of Hamilton County dismissed Bumpass’s convictions for first-degree murder and aggravated robbery.

It’s noteworthy that Bumpass was only an eighth-grader aged 13 at the time of Bonner’s murder.

Her case was highlighted in an episode of the A&E series “Accused: Guilty or Innocent?” titled “Cold Case Killer or Innocent Teenage Girl?”.

The charges against Angel Bumpass were dismissed on Tuesday.

Her Mother Tamika Bumpass Serving In Prison

Angel Bumpass reportedly lived with her grandparents and resided with her grandmother, Shirley Bumpass, when she was 16 years old.

The convicted criminal was born and raised in a family, which prosecutors and the judicial system, recognize well.

Tamika Bumpass, Angel’s mother, had a history of criminal charges against her.

These charges were not minor; they included serious offenses such as car hijacking, forgery, identity theft, and even aggravated assault.

These details were brought to light in a video posted on YouTube, which provided an in-depth look into Tamika’s criminal history.

As mentioned, the Bumpass family was not unknown to the local prosecutor’s office.

In fact, Tamika Bumpass had a significant legal encounter that resulted in a 40-year prison sentence.

After pleading guilty to the charge of shooting a deputy in Columbia County, Tamika was sentenced to 40 years in prison.

Despite the severity of her crimes and the length of her sentence, Tamika is currently serving her time in prison.

She is living out the consequences of her actions, a stark reminder of the serious repercussions that can result from criminal behavior.

Talking about her father, there is limited information. 


What was Angel Bumpass convicted for?

Angel Bumpass was convicted in 2019 for the murder of Franklin Bonner, a 68-year-old man, and for aggravated robbery.

Why was Angel Bumpass granted a new trial?

A new trial was granted due to the effect of errors during the original trial.

What was the key evidence in her conviction?

The key evidence in her conviction was her fingerprints, which matched those found on the duct tape used to bind the victim.

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